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Enduro IV Pro Range

Customised solutions for blown in insulation removal

Specifically designed for safe and efficient insulation removal, we offer three different options within our Enduro Insulation Vacuum Pro range.

The main feature to our Enduro IV Pro range is the collection by means of an Australian Made Insulation Box. These boxes hold 1000L bulka bags for quick, easy and safe disposal of vacuumed waste. The box is equipped with a top and side opening door for easy access to remove and replace full bulka bags. Bagging the material is the ideal way to handle and dispose of the fine particles such as those from blown in insulation removal, maximising both safety and efficiency!

Our Insulation boxes are designed in house by our qualified engineering team, fabricated locally in Melbourne, and are assembled right here in our warehouse - granting them official Australian Made Certification.

The package also includes a vacuum skid - either or EnduroVac or Enduro Ultra skid, depending on your operational needs. This set up can be mounted onto a trailer or light truck.

Upgrade available with a certified HEPA H14 class filtration unit to meet Australian Standards

Whilst the main application of our Enduro IV Pro range is insulation removal, our Insulation removal boxes can be sold separately and can be utilised for the suction of other dry debris like silica dust, asbestos, and slate dust!

Main Features

The Enduro IV Pro package offerings are as follows:





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Vacuum Model: Enduro IV Pro Range


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