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If you’re considering investing in a new industrial vacuum cleaner for your premises, a model that includes a H14 HEPA filter may be perfect for your requirements.

While choosing a new industrial vacuum, it’s important to take into account the precise nature of the work undertaken on your premises, the type of dust particles produced by that work and the effect they may have on your staff members, machinery and processes.

Here, we’ll explain a little about how a HEPA filtered industrial vacuum may be ideal for your practices. Read More

What is a H14 HEPA Filter?

HEPA can stand for high-efficiency particulate absorbing or high-efficiency particulate arrestance. The term refers to a standard of vacuum filter efficiency.

To meet H14 HEPA standards, a filter must be capable of removing 99.995% of dust particles measuring 0.3 μm in diameter or above and tested in line with EN1822.

The precision of this piece of equipment makes it perfect for use in biomedical environments as well as ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, aerospace settings and vehicle manufacturing.

The HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners from Australian Industrial Vacuum

The specialist filters of this kind that are available from Australian Industrial Vacuum are produced by top manufacturers of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

We can even provide replacement HEPA cartridge filters for a range of vacuum models, so you can ensure that your premises remain clean and particle-free at all times.

We highly recommend the implementation of precision filtration systems of this kind. Not only do HEPA filtered industrial vacuums keep workplaces exceptionally clean by cutting down on time spent removing dust manually, but they also make them much safer.

The frequent inhalation of certain dust particles – silica and asbestos particles in particular – can lead to serious long-term and even life-limiting lung conditions such as silicosis, asbestosis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The failure to protect staff members from these conditions can lead to highly damaging consequences for your employees and your business.

In addition, dust particles of any size can tarnish or contaminate the products your business creates. They can also make their way into the working parts of machinery, negatively affecting its functionality and even damaging it beyond repair.

An effective industrial vacuum system with a high-quality filter will keep your workforce healthy and save you both time and money.

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