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If you’re considering investing in a new industrial vacuum cleaner for your premises, a model that includes a H14 HEPA filter may be perfect for your requirements.

While choosing a new industrial vacuum, it’s important to take into account the precise nature of the work undertaken on your premises, the type of dust particles produced by that work and the effect they may have on your staff members, machinery and processes.

Here, we’ll explain a little about how a HEPA filtered industrial vacuum may be ideal for your practices. Read More

What is a H14 HEPA Filter?

HEPA can stand for high-efficiency particulate absorbing or high-efficiency particulate arrestance. The term refers to a standard of vacuum filter efficiency.

To meet H14 HEPA standards, a filter must be capable of removing 99.995% of dust particles measuring 0.3 μm in diameter or above and tested in line with EN1822.

The precision of this piece of equipment makes it perfect for use in biomedical environments as well as ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, aerospace settings and vehicle manufacturing.

Are You Searching for a Highly Reputable HEPA System Vacuum?

These powerful cleaners are a real blessing for many businesses. They are so sought after because they banish cleaning woes with their exceptional functionality. Did you know that they eliminate 99.995% of dust particles as minuscule as 0.18 microns? Considering that dust microns can be between 1 and 100 microns this means that HEPA filtration efficiency is really rather mind-blowing.

Sanitation and spotlessness are absolute pillars in many industries which is why it’s critical that proper equipment is used to ensure optimal cleanliness.

For this reason, you should avoid buying insubstantial vacuums that simply blow the dust around and instead consider secure, sealed models that you can truly rely on. For high performance, a HEPA filter vacuum is a must-have.

Built to Last

In a residential setting, an inexpensive, substandard vacuum cleaner will probably be sufficient for a quick once over every now and then. Providing there is nothing that requires special care. However, these same vacuums are in no way qualified to tackle industrial applications, and even in a commercial setting like a hotel, it will certainly show how little it can cope with sustained use.

It’s a different case with our industrial vacuum with HEPA filter. These vacuums have been recognised globally as a much higher standard when it comes to building quality and materials. They have been designed specifically for industrial and heavy use, and it has been a focus of ours to only supply the most meticulously tested vacuums so that you are guaranteed a long life, whatever your industrial or commercial application. Some of our systems have also received third-party TÜV Certification, verifying their use for the safe extraction of fine and hazardous dust.


Not only do we consider how effective our vacuums are at dealing with spills, dust particles and unwanted substances, but we value user-friendliness as well. Some industrial cleaners can be incredibly unwieldy, difficult to manage and, for larger machines, difficult to install. The results can be uncomfortable for those using them at best and downright injurious at worst, leaving companies open to staff shortages or legal liabilities.

We are known for our ability to put together equipment that can be used constantly without putting strain on the operator. All of our vacuums have been tested for functionality and continuously improved to make them as user-friendly as possible. We’re sure you will find any of our industrial vacuums easy-to-use and fit for purpose, no matter your application.

High Standards

A lot of companies that provide industrial equipment such as HEPA filter vacuum cleaners love to boast about their commitment to good quality design. In many cases, it is no idle boast, and there are surely some great cleaners to be found out there. But the question should always be if you are in the market for new industrial cleaning equipment, how does your supplier prove their credentials?

For us, it has been an important step to achieve official certifications that meet Australian standards. These standards, H Class and TUV Certification are only accredited to that equipment that has proven, in tests, to remove at least 99.9% of the particles it claims to remove. It is important for us to have met this standard so that you can see that our industrial cleaners do exactly what they claim to do.

HEPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaners Sold by Experts

Here at Australian Industrial Vacuum, we understand the need for efficiency, dependability and toughness. That’s why our ranges embody all of the above. Supplying heavy duty vacuum cleaners is everything we do so you’ll always receive a professional service rich with industry knowledge when you buy from us.

Even if you’re in need of a construction HEPA vacuum for a busy site- we know just the brand, type and model to equip you with. Our team always actively listens to your situation, and we can even customise systems to suit your workplace requirements. We always try our best to go above and beyond for our customers. So, as well as ongoing support we also provide replacement cartridge filters for all our vacuum models our HEPA vacuum models.

Essentially, we have HEPA filtration vacuums for all kinds of premises and every sort of space. The designs are masterly manufactured and excellently engineered to reach all nooks and crannies.

They are suitable for use in:

  • Ventilation
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Aerospace settings
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Biomedical environments

The list of their usages goes on! Remember that if you have a particular query, you can always pick our brains and we’ll always do our utmost to fulfill your requests. Ultimately, we understand that your staff, safety, hygiene and being able to work well are at the forefront of your mind. Luckily our HEPA vacuums take care of all of these aspects in a highly impressive manner. Don’t waste time, money and effort trying to scrub, scrape and dust manually. Instead, come to AIV and let us supply you with an automatic super solution that will prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment.

The HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners from Australian Industrial Vacuum

The specialist filters of this kind that are available from Australian Industrial Vacuum are produced by top manufacturers of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

We can even provide replacement HEPA cartridge filters for a range of vacuum models, so you can ensure that your premises remain clean and particle-free at all times.

We highly recommend the implementation of precision filtration systems of this kind. Not only do HEPA filtered industrial vacuums keep workplaces exceptionally clean by cutting down on time spent removing dust manually, but they also make them much safer.

The frequent inhalation of certain dust particles – silica and asbestos particles in particular – can lead to serious long-term and even life-limiting lung conditions such as silicosis, asbestosis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The failure to protect staff members from these conditions can lead to highly damaging consequences for your employees and your business.

In addition, dust particles of any size can tarnish or contaminate the products your business creates. They can also make their way into the working parts of machinery, negatively affecting its functionality and even damaging it beyond repair.

An effective industrial vacuum system with a high-quality filter will keep your workforce healthy and save you both time and money.

Talk to Us About Our Vacuum Equipment and Filtration Systems Today

If you’re considering investing in new HEPA filter vacuum cleaners in Australia with a H14 HEPA filter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Australian Industrial Vacuum today. We’ll be very happy to advise you on the resources and configurations that will best suit your business and its premises.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from industrial cyclone vacuum cleaners to industrial wet and dry vacuums and so much more.

Whether you call us or fill in our online contact form, a friendly and knowledgeable specialist will be on hand to answer your questions and aid in your selection. Read Less


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