Compressed Air Vacuums

In some places, electrical power is not accessible or practical. In such cases, compressed air represents an alternate source of power which is also often available in large quantities. Compressed air vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution for these environments. Delfin produces a wide range of compressed air vacuum cleaners powered by Venturi units, characterised by low air consumption. These machines represent an excellent solution for dust, solids, and liquid suction when electrical power is not an option. Read More

At Australian Industrial Vacuum, we have a range of industrial vacuum cleaner to suit your requirements, whatever these might be. A compressed air vacuum cleaner offers businesses a great solution to your cleaning needs where there is no electricity available.

Keeping your workplace clean, safe, and compliant is an essential part of running a business, and AIV is here to help you do it. We have expert knowledge of the industrial vacuum industry, and you can always count on us for our honest advice. By working with AIV, you can feel reassured that you have purchased the best industrial vacuum cleaning for your workplace that is capable of collecting the waste materials that are produced and will last.

Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner: No Mains Power Required

A compressed air vacuum can be used for all sorts of waste, including dust, liquids and solids. Rather than running on electricity, these machines use compressed air for their power.

Another advantage of a vacuum cleaner using air pressure is that it doesn’t present the hazards electricity does if, say, there may be water around (rain etc.) because this is an outdoors operation, or if your production process, the thing that generates the dust, involves highly combustible gases or liquids. This is the biggest advantage of using a compressed air vacuum over an electrical alternative that they produce a high level of vacuum without having any moving parts.

Many of the compressed air cleaners that we have at AIV are light and portable, and this makes them ideal for several different uses, including cleaning aboard ships and shipyards.

You can even purchase compressed air cleaners that are maintenance-free or with a self-cleaning filter system, perfect for a collection of blasting materials such as garnet.

At AIV, our filtering systems are some of the best, and you can rely on them to last a long time. By using long-lasting components and simple manufacturing, you can enjoy properly functioning filtration at an affordable cost.

Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners from Australian Industrial Vacuum

Here at AIV, we love to help you get the compressed air vacuum cleaner that meets your requirements, which is why we pride ourselves on having great customer service. We recognise that your time is important, and therefore we aim to get back to any enquiries within 24 hours, and we can usually provide you with a quote within a day.

We also understand that you need your industrial vacuum cleaner to be functional and there for when you need it. Spare parts are always kept in stock, so it is good to know that you can get hold of them if required.

Invest in a Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner Today

If you need a custom fabricated system, AIV can also help to get you what you need. With have the facilities and know-how to create in-house CAD and 3D designs, and your system can be shipped to you quickly, when required, within 5-6 weeks.

Whichever Delfin model you purchase, you can have peace of mind knowing that it comes with an AIV two-year factory warranty. This includes both parts and labour.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from construction vacuum cleaner to stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaners and so much more.

Enquire with us today about our compressed air vacuums, and we will be happy to tell you more and help advise you on the best model for your requirements. Read Less

Delfin AIR - 802 WD 1V

802 WD AIR

  • 150 m3/h max. airflow
  • 80L capacity
  • Compact, light and portable
  • Ideal for service aboard ships and in shipyards
Delfin AIR - 352 DS AIR 1V

452 DS AIR

  • 150 m3/h max. airflow
  • 35L capacity
  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • Light and portable


  • 590 m3/h max. airflow
  • 100L capacity
  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • 100 % robust steel construction
Delfin AIR 201 Vacuum

AIR 201

  • 590 m3/h max. airflow
  • 200L capacity
  • Forklift intakes for easy handling and discharge
Delfin AIREX - 352 DS AIREX 1V


  • 150 m3/h max. airflow
  • 35L capacity
  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • Detachable container with possibility to use safety collection bags for hazardous dust
Delfin AIREX - DM3 AIREX Vacuum


  • 300 m3/h max. airflow
  • 55L capacity
  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • Detachable container with possibility to use safety collection bags for hazardous dust
Delfin AIREX - 802 WD AIREX 2V


  • 300 m3/h max. airflow
  • 80L capacity
  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • Maintenance free single or double Venturi suction unit

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