Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing

Improving cleanliness and efficiency in the world of 3D printing

Industrial vacuum solutions can significantly improve productivity and reduce downtime cleaning 3D printers once the manufacturing process has taken place. Industrial vacuum solutions can assist in many ways including:

  • Cleaning of the production cell, in order to avoid sand or powder contamination
  • Recovering unused sand that would normally go to waste
  • Cleaning of the printer and the powder supply bin, to maintain the machines functionality, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtime in the future
  • Final cleaning of the product from dust residuals, guaranteeing the highest quality finished product for customers

Streamlining these cleaning processes can mean time is able to be used more effectively through the tasks that really matter… 3D printing!

The Delfin industrial vacuum range offers brushless vacuum options ideal for cleaning 3D printers. Compact and mobile, they’re easy to manoeuvre around printing rooms and other equipment. Necessary tools and attachments can be supplied to provide an accurate clean even in tight or hard to reach places.

  • industrial vacuum for 3d printing
  • industrial vacuum for 3d printing
  • cleaning 3d printer with industrial vacuum

Delfin Single Phase 300BL - A popular choice within the 3D printing industry

Recommended Industrial Vacuums

Dealing with combustible dusts?

For non combustible, non conductive materials, a standard industrial vacuum equipped with high collection capacity and efficient filtration is a sound solution. However, for combustible dust, the vacuum clean should be IECEx certified. These vacuums ensure safety for the operator and the facility is guaranteed. IECEx certified vacuums come equipped with:

  • Antistatic filters
  • Complete earth grounding
  • Stainless steel canister OR safe endless bagging system
  • Certified maintenance free motor

At Australian Industrial Vacuum, we currently offer two IECEx Certified Delfin vacuums in our three phase offering. The DG50 IECEx and DG50 Longopac IECEx. We have provided these vacuums to a range of businesses across many industries to combat the risk of cleaning combustible dusts.

  • iecex certified industrial vacuum for combustible dust
  • iecex certified industrial vacuum for combustible dust

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