Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Surface & Floor Preparation

Control the risks of harmful dusts

Floor and surface preparation generates a large quantity of fine, harmful dusts through the use of machinery such as sanders, cutters and shot peening machines. This fine dust generated by cement, concrete, marble, wood, metal and so on can pose a serious threat to worker’s long term health. In combination with individual PPE, the ideal solution is an industrial vacuum cleaner designed for these construction sites. These vacuums are fundamental for picking up dust at the source and preventing the operator from exposure.

The most important aspects to look for when dealing with harmful dusts is:

  • HEPA H14 filtration which offers 99.995% filtration efficiency against .3 micron dust
  • Continuous and effective filter cleaning systems
  • Secure collection option for the harmful dust such as an endless bagging option
  • Floor Prep with industrial vacuum in Action
  • Floor Prep with industrial vacuum in Action
  • Floor Prep with industrial vacuum in Action
  • Floor Prep with industrial vacuum in Action

Delfin 202BL - A popular option for surface and floor preparation

Recommended Industrial Vacuums

Toxic Dust Exposure

Often when we talk about risks on construction sites, we only focus on the risk of accidents, and turn a blind eye to the respiratory or skin diseases that can result from lack of care regarding continuous exposure to fine and harmful dust.

Harmful dusts where exposure should be limited include:

  • Silica dust – Silica dust can be produced during various processes such as the preparation of mortar and concrete or during demolition operations
  • Asbestos – Asbestos becomes extremely dangerous when transformed into dust and diffused into the atmosphere by abrasive action
  • Artificial mineral fibres – Artificial mineral fibres refers to fibres such as thermos acoustic insulation like glass or rock wool

To assist with combatting harmful exposure to these dusts, we offer third party certified vacuums that provide guaranteed compliance with regulations surrounding these harmful dusts and exposure to workers. Ask our team about our third party certified vacuums today.

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