Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Bakeries

Improving safety within your industrial bakery

In bakeries, hygiene and cleanliness is vital and must be upkept at all times to guarantee quality, compliance and efficiency is met. Cleanliness of commercial ovens is particularly important. This can be managed with an industrial vacuum solution designed for bakeries.

In bakeries, production processes can involve combustible dust from ingredients such as flour, powdered milk, yeast, starch or sugar. The use of IECEx certified equipment must also be considered to ensure safety and adherence with Australian standards.

Our range of Delfin industrial vacuums offer options specific to the needs of bakeries with high temperature resistance for safe and efficient high temperature cleaning. We have options available that allow you to:

  • Clean hot ovens and material reaching 200 degrees Celsius
  • Clean the depth of ovens without the need to reach in, through the use of heat resistant extension poles

This can be achieved through our industrial vacuum options including NOMEX filtration, along with the addition of a high temperature cleaning accessory kit. NOMEX filters have been treated to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. They are used in applications where the product needing to be removed is mixed with very hot air, such as bakeries or environments working with hot ovens.

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Recommended Industrial Vacuums

High temperature cleaning - The safe way!

Cleaning ovens in particular can be one of two things – time consuming or dangerous. That is, you can wait for ovens to cool down to clean, however this kills productivity and can waste valuable time. Or you can clean them while they’re hot, and if done with incorrect equipment, can be extremely unsafe for the operator risking burns and injuries.

At AIV we offer the solution for safe and efficient high temperature cleaning, our Accessory Kit specifically designed for Oven Cleaning.

The kit is designed for high temperature cleaning with extension poles reaching 3 metres and heat resistant hose and attachments save for use up to 200 degrees Celsius. This kit keeps the operator safe from burns and injuries, and your business free from liabilities.

  • industrial vacuum cleaning bakery oven
  • industrial vacuum cleaning bakery oven

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