Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Warehousing & Logistics

Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Warehousing & Logistics

If adequate cleaning of dust build up or spills isn’t maintained this can lead to workplace safety hazards, and can reduce the morale, image and overall profitability of your business.

When it comes to power, traditionally, the options considered for an industrial vacuum are single phase or three phase. Your desired choice comes from your power supply, and the necessary features needed of the industrial vacuum. However, for some businesses, such as distribution centres, logistics, and warehouse and storage companies, access to power is limited tarnishing their ability to clean effectively with traditional industrial vacuums. That’s why we offer a battery powered industrial vacuum.

Our battery powered vacuum is the only vacuum of its type in Australia. Battery powered units allow for ease of cleaning when access to power is limited. They make cleaning large warehouses efficient whilst also avoiding the safety hazard of a power cord. They offer three hours continuous operation time and can be easily recharged with forklifts.

We of course also offer single phase and three phase options if access to power isn’t an issue for you.

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Benefits of Battery Powered Industrial Vacuum

Using a battery powered vacuum as opposed to an electric vacuum in an area where access to power is limited, provides impressive increases to efficiency and productivity during cleaning, especially over large spaces. That is, the operator doesn’t need to wind and unwind the cable or constantly plug and unplug the vacuum during their progression across the warehouse, which is a small yet tedious task which can actually take up valuable time. Furthermore, without a cable, you are able to work with maximum mobility and flexibility. Cleaning a wide open space can be done in one swift clean rather than the plug/unplug as previously mentioned. Additionally, the vacuum perfectly compliments your sweeper as it provides easy access to hard to reach or tight spaces between racking and stored products. These areas where spills and dust build up is likely to occur are often neglected as they can’t be accessed by a bulky sweeper. Finally, they improve safety and are extremely warehouse friendly due to their lack of cords. No cords means no trip hazards or no issues with cords running along forklift paths, meaning cleaning can be done simultaneously with working hours if desired.

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