Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Brick & Block Manufacturing

Stay in line with Australian Regulations

The use of industrial vacuum solutions for brick and block manufacturing can improve productivity, profitability, and above all keep your workers safe. Such manufacturing can create dust clouds and dust piles quite quickly, which includes silica dust. Silica dust is toxic in nature and constant exposure can cause major health issues, such as lung cancer and silicosis. Australian states are cracking down on silica dust exposure limits and warn that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for employees, which adheres to such regulations.

At AIV, we offer industrial vacuums with HEPA H14 filtration providing 99.995% filtration efficiency for dust of .3 micron. This means these regulations are met and exceeded, therefore you will continue to be covered, even if further exposure limits are put into place.

If you want to go the extra mile, we also offer third party certified H class vacuums. These vacuum systems have received third party certification guaranteeing their safety for use with fine and hazardous dusts.

A quality option for the brick and block manufacturing industry

Recommended Industrial Vacuums

Third party certified H Class vacuums

At AIV we offer H Class third party certified industrial vacuums. These vacuums are guaranteed compliant with Australian standards regarding the extraction of toxic dusts such as silica dust. That is, they have undergone strict testing by an individual body to ensure all needs are met when handling toxic dusts safely. Despite the differing state regulations, these vacuums adhere to all.

Through the use of one of these vacuums, you are prioritising your worker’s health and wellbeing by removing the risks involved with inhaling toxic dusts.

We currently offer four H Class, third party certified vacuum options. These options are as follows:

  • HEPA H14 filter
  • industrial vacuum for brick and block manufacturing
  • industrial vacuum for brick and block manufacturing
  • industrial vacuum for brick and block manufacturing
  • industrial vacuum for brick and block manufacturing

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