Centralised Ducted Vacuum Systems

Is your business struggling to find someone willing to carry the vacuum cleaner across the building whenever it’s time to clean? Is the cleanliness of your premises suffering? Industrial vacuums are large, and for good reason. They’re superior to the small, cheap vacuums you might have at home. But this comes with its own struggles, especially for businesses with large areas to clean or spread out over multiple floors. If there isn’t a lot of empty space available, it’s even harder to fit the vacuum through everywhere you need to go. This is why you should consider a central vacuum system for easy, fast industrial-level cleaning.

Australian Industrial Vacuum provides Australian businesses with industrial vacuums no matter their cleaning needs, and we have excellent industrial central vacuum systems of high quality and with long warranties. Our products can be trusted to last years and get the job done. Read More

How a centralised vacuum system works

A centralised vacuum system works a lot like a very large vacuum with multiple points to stick the hose in. You plug a hose into an outlet in the wall and the dirt is sucked through pipes, down to the canister in the basement where all the dust and debris is collected. Instead of logging around a vacuum, you only have to carry the hose with you to the nearest outlet and tuck it away once you’re done.

Why you need a centralised vacuum system

Are industrial central vacuum cleaner systems worth investing in for businesses? The short answer is yes, they are. Vacuuming is not something to neglect, as it not only keeps your workplace clean, but also efficient and safe. Dust and particles pose a health hazard to workers and get into appliances, causing them to require more frequent maintenance and replacement or function less optimally. Combustible dusts like plastics, sugar and flour constitute a risk of explosion. It’s extremely important to vacuum a workplace regularly, and if a centralised vacuum system is required to make that a possibility, it’s definitely worth it.

  • You will save time and increase workplace productivity
  • You can keep your workplace clean with ease
  • The capacity in the collection canister is much bigger, so less time is spent on emptying it
  • The maintenance required is minimal

Invest in an industrial centralised vacuum system from AIV

Our industrial ducted vacuum systems are designed and customised for the location to guarantee optimal performance. We offer unbeatable quality on our products, and they all come with warranties. If you’re interested in investing in a centralised vacuum system for your business that can help you save time in keeping the workplace clean, get in contact with our team. We have a range of vacuums and parts including vacuum hoses, industrial insulation vacuums and gutter cleaning vacuums to name a few. We’re always fast to provide a quote and we’re here to personalise your vacuum system according to your needs. Get a centralised industrial vacuum system you can rely on by enlisting Australian Industrial Vacuum. Read Less

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