High Performance Industrial Vacuums Australia

Large Industrial Vacuums with high-performance lobe pumps for heavy industry

AIV offers a comprehensive range of large portable industrial vacuum cleaners robustly designed for high performance, long working life and lowest possible maintenance costs in challenging environments.
Whether you require an efficient hydraulic positioning system that facilitates quick discharge of debris into bulk bags, or a trailer-mounted industrial vacuum unit that guarantees flexibility and ease of use, we’ve got you covered!

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It’s vital that you maintain great safety standards to maintain the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

For the safest possible industrial workspace, it’s highly likely that you’ll need at least one heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner. This equipment will also help you to keep your premises clean and ensure that the functionality of other appliances is not affected by the accumulation of excess dust.

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuums For Workplace Safety

A cleaner working environment is not only pleasant, but it’s also safe. There are significant risks inherent in producing copious amounts of dust as a by-product of your business’s operations.

Without a proper dust control system in place, employees run the risk of inhaling large volumes of dangerous particles over time – even with the use of a protective mask.

The inhalation of silica or asbestos particles can lead to serious life-limiting conditions silicosis and asbestosis. It can also seriously exacerbate existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Neglecting to put measures in place to protect the health of your employees is not only a moral failure, but it also puts you at risk of legal action from WHS authorities. This may result in large fines, prosecution and even the enforced closure of your business.

High-Performance Industrial Vacuums and Dust Control Systems

A high-performance industrial vacuum cleaner will also help to minimize the cleaning required throughout your premises, allowing your staff to concentrate on central operations. It will also prevent machinery from becoming blocked or damaged by dust, helping you to save time and money on maintenance.

In addition, an overly demanding cleaning schedule can result in back strain and other physical complaints, which is likely to increase the number of sick days taken by employees.

Finally, many types of dust – including flour, sugar and plastic particles – are highly combustible. Failure to remove as much of this dust as possible will make fires, and even explosions, much more likely.

Not only will the heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners from Australian Industrial Vacuum remove dust from surfaces, but our dust control systems with highly efficient filtration attachments will also suck away fine dust suspended in the air, preventing its eventual settling or inhalation.

Our selection of apparatus includes equipment that applies localised suction to the sources of dust as well as articulated parts that can remove fine dust even from the most restricted areas of your workspace.

Different emptying methods are available to suit all requirements, and you can choose from a range of airflow levels and filtering systems.

Invest In Australian Industrial Vacuum to Keep Your Workplace Clean and Safe

For more information about our high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners, or for guidance regarding the most effective dust and fume removal method for your premises, simply contact our specialists today.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from industrial cyclone vacuum cleaners to industrial wet and dry vacuums and so much more.

We will be more than happy to advise you and talk you through the products that will suit you and your team best. Call us on (03) 8597-3376 or fill in our handy contact form to get started.

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High Pressure Industrial Vacuum - DHV 22 Compact

DHV 22 Compact

  • 22 kW
  • 1000L capacity
  • Forklift portable

DHV 22 Compact Hopper

  • 22 kW
  • 1000L Capacity
  • Butterfly Valve
High Pressure Industrial Vacuum DHV Tank range

DHV Tank Range

  • 30-45 kW
  • 800L capacity
  • Forklift portable
High Pressure Industrial Vacuum DHV HOPPER range

DHV Hopper Range

  • 30-45 kW
  • 1000L capacity
  • Butterfly valve
Large Industrial Unit - Dragonfly 25 Vacuum

Dragonfly 25

  • 23.2 kW Perkins Diesel Engine
  • Lobe pump – max vacuum 5000 DaPa
  • Max Airflow 1100 m3/hr
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • External exhaust with silencer
  • Main Pocket filter (72000 cm2 surface)
  • Class M safety filter (18000 cm2 surface)
  • Integrated filter cleaning system
Large Industrial Unit - Dragonfly 40 Vacuum Loader

Dragonfly 40

  • 55.4 kW Deutz Diesel Engine
  • Lobe pump – max vacuum 8000 DaPa
  • Max Airflow 2130 m3/hr
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • External exhaust with silencer
  • Main Pocket filter (162000 cm2 surface)
  • Class M safety filter (95000 cm2 surface)
  • Integrated filter cleaning system
DuroVac DVP Series Industrial Vacuum

DVP Series

  • 11 – 23 kW Power options
  • Lobe type vacuum pump
  • 99.9% Efficiency filters
  • Handles long hoses and heavy powders
  • Collect material in drum / sealed hopper


DVR Series

  • 5.5 – 15 kW Power options
  • Regenerative vacuum producer
  • Super-quiet continuous operation
  • 5.7mof primary filter media
  • Controls tough powders like oxides


Portable Industrial Vacuum - Elevator™ Series

Elevator™ Series

  • Designed to fill bulk bags
  • Easily portable by forklift truck
  • Easy to setup and tear down
  • Can be used as a “ready to go” central vacuum
  • Configure for continuous or batch discharge

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