Find Premium Industrial Vacuum Systems configured for your needs. Explore our extensive range of commercial vacuum cleaners from around the globe, straight to your business.
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Australian Industrial Vacuum | Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Superior Industrial Vacuum Systems that make light work of huge jobs – Every Time.

No matter what your application, our range of Industrial Vacuum Systems can be configured just right for you.

Call now for a free quotation and expert advice.

Australian Industrial Vacuum sources innovative new products from the global manufacturing stage. We secure distributorships for these products and support them in the market place with both onsite and back to base servicing.

Whether you require a factory floor industrial vacuum, petrol or diesel powered, trailer mounted or a severe heavier duty portable or ducted system, AIV can help with all your needs.

With hundreds of solutions, you’ll get a customised high performance vacuum system you can depend on.

Lifetime Support

No one responds like we do!
We offer lifetime support on all of our equipment.


Our knowledgable and friendly team at AIV will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours.


With years of industry experience, we offer nothing but honest and reliable advice to get the right system for you.

Labourer using a broom and shovel to cleanup factory floor

Don't let cleanup get in the way of production!

It's time to say NO to brooms and shovels.

Call now for expert help in selecting your Industrial Vacuum System.


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