Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Steelworks

Control dust and debris build up effectively

During steelworks, dust and material build up is accumulated through necessary day to day processes. For example, lime dust from furnaces or residual from the mill scale can quickly accumulate. This build up must be controlled to ensure equipment can work to it’s maximum capacity and production efficiency isn’t jeopardised.

Depending on your issue, we propose tailored solutions fit for your needs. We offer:

  • Industrial vacuums specifically designed for the collection of metal chips and shavings, and potential discharge of oil, through the Delfin Tecnoil range
  • High powered vacuums for large quantities of dust, spillages, or residue with the Delfin DHV range
  • Ducted networks designed by our qualified engineering team specific to your workshop layout, offering one portable vacuum and multiple suction intakes to optimise productivity and efficiency

Delfin TC 100 MPI - Industrial vacuum providing a solution for the steelworks industry

Recommended Industrial Vacuums

DHV Range

The Delfin DHV range is the most effective solution for heavy industries when it comes to maintenance needs. The vacuums from this range offer:

  • High power generated self cooling lobe pumps that guarantee high water lift and air flow performance
  • Excellent filtration provided by the class M polyester filters and safety cartridges that protect the vacuum unit, plus the option of upgraded HEPA H14 filtration
  • High efficiency filter cleaning through the automatic filter cleaning system that cleans filters continuously reducing maintenance downtime
  • Large collection capacity through detachable containers and hopper options, that are easy to handle by means of a forklift and to discharge by virtue of safety bars

This range is a great solution for large scale steelworks where debris or spills are of one cubic metre or more. This option makes it easier to manage these large amounts of debris effortlessly, meaning your workplace can function efficiently.

  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks
  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks
  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks
  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks
  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks
  • Industrial vacuum for steelworks

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