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About AIV products and services - Australian Industrial Vacuum

Australian Industrial Vacuum

Australian Industrial Vacuum sources innovative new products from the global manufacturing stage, secures distributorships for these products and supports them in the market place with both onsite and back to base servicing.
Whether you require

AIV can help with all your needs.
With hundreds of solutions, you’ll get a customised high performance vacuum system you can depend on.


Dependability, durability, and devotion to properly functioning filtration ensures long life and low maintenance costs. We are so sure of our filtration that we actually warranty our filters, something none of our competitors can do. We use components of proven longevity coupled with clean and simple manufacturing to ensure a competitive price.


AIV recognises that your time is money and we react quickly. Quotes are normally accomplished in one day. Spare parts are kept in stock at all times. We can fabricate quickly if required, and most custom fabricated systems are shipped in 5-6 weeks including fabrication drawings.


Australian Industrial Vacuum recognises that you are buying a solution to a problem, not a vacuum cleaner. That’s why if there are any issues after start up we stick with you until you’re satisfied. Many vendors will walk away if a problem gets expensive. We will NOT. Our warranty is parts AND labour, and parts are shipped FOB your plant. NO other vendor offers that sort of support.


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