Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Combustible Dust

Remove the risk of explosion at your workplace

Combustible dusts pose a serious threat to hundreds of industries, that’s why, we offer industrial vacuums for combustible dust.

Many common dusts found in manufacturing facilities, workshops, and worksites are combustible in nature and therefore can cause an explosion. Dust explosions occur when combustible dust is airborne in a room or inside equipment. When mixed with oxygen, these fine particles can be ignited by a spark, metal ember, cigarette butt, or other ignition source. These elements together are what causes a fire or explosion from combustible dust.

Australian Standards specify that IECEx certified equipment must be used in areas that have been deemed as potential explosive atmospheres. This requirement is necessary to ensure safety of workers and building premises and equipment.

Luckily, here at AIV we offer IECEx certified industrial vacuums allowing you to adhere to Australian regulations and keep your workers and workplace safe.

Recommended Industrial Vacuums

IECEx Certification is your ticket to a risk free workplace

IECEx Certified equipment is your ticket to a risk free workplace when combustible dust is the threat. IECEx Certification requires equipment to undergo a strict quality assessment based on standards provided by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This ensures equipment that is safe for use and handling of combustible dust.

At AIV, we offer IECEx certified industrial vacuums. These are industrial vacuums designed for combustible dust. Currently, we have two models within our three phase vacuum range which have received the tick of approval – DG 50 IECEx and DG 50 LP IECEx. We also offer IECEx certified high powered options that can be discussed in more depth with our team. Further to these current options, we have single phase IECEx certified industrial vacuums coming soon.

  • iecex certified industrial vacuum for combustible dust
  • iecex certified industrial vacuum for combustible dust
  • iecex certified industrial vacuum for combustible dust

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