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Industrial Vacuum Tanks with Customised Solutions Designed to Your Needs

At Australian Industrial Vacuum, you can find a range of vacuum tank packages to accommodate your needs. We offer a range of vacuums in various sizes and power levels in order to satisfy your individual requirements. Not to mention, all our products are built to last, easy to maintain and great quality. Your job can be made much easier and faster with quality equipment. You can decide whether to opt for a petrol or diesel-powered vaccum engine that features an electric key-start. The Enduro range is the biggest of all gutter vacuum systems on the market. You are guaranteed exceptional power and optimal performance. Coupled with one of our large capacity tanks, you can confidently take on any job!

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There are customised solutions on offer, with a multitude of options and upgrades available to meet your requirements. Your package can benefit from customisations such as a longer hose reel, H14 HEPA vacuum cleaner filters and housing, and more You can even stand out among the crowd with custom coloured equipment. With over one hundred colours to pick from, you have the option of customising the colour of your Enduro skid, drums, tanks, and collection boxes.

Looking for Quality Vacuum Tanks in Australia?

If you’ve been searching for durable quality equipment such as vacuum tanks in Australia to meet your business needs, look no further. At AIV, we have a range of systems on offer that are powerful, versatile, and portable and have received official Australian Made Certification. Our EnduroVac Tank systems are designed to be capable of handling any wet and dry application. The main features of the EnduroVac include a 4″ tri-lobe positive displacement blower, 3 stage cyclonic filtration system, high performance exhaust, tri-belt device and much more. Our EnduroVac provides up to 15Hg vacuum pressure! Tanks come in a range of sizes, including 400L, 850L and 1000L.

We are always sourcing innovative new products to ensure that we are always delivering our customers the top solutions available on the market. Our vacuum tanks are designed by our experienced in-house team of engineers and are manufactured locally in Melbourne. Each of the tank packages include a 4″ primary high-level shut off with a stainless-steel ball as well as a 4″ secondary cyclone with stainless steel ball shutoff and knockout box. With the 850L and 1000L tanks, the tanks are equipped with hydraulic door opening as well as a twin cylinder hydraulic tipper (remote controlled). The 400L tank features a manual swing door with open safety latch along with a manual hand hydraulic pump for tipping.

Superbly Made and Relentlessly Practical: Check out our Petrol Vacuums

In some industries, there is still no substitute for petrol-powered units (or diesel ones). It’s not fashionable these days, but in some circumstances, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do until the designers and engineers come up with something that will be just as effective if not more. If your application is one of these, take a look at our petrol vacuum clearners and see how their ruggedness and versatility can help you. Ours are top-of-the-range units with electronic ignition, and like all our products they are built to last and easy to maintain. That is important because whatever line of business you are in, you need your vacuuming carried out quickly, efficiently and reliably so you can get on with your core function, the one that brings the money in.

Take a look at our Enduro range with its Honda and Kohler engines, top specifications and the inbuilt advantage of being high-quality, versatile and powerful. We are proud to offer these robust, utterly practical solutions for your vacuum requirements. Petrol vacuums and diesel vacuums can get the job done, and that’s what it is all about at the end of the day.

A Range of Commercial Vacuum Tanks to Suit Any Requirement

Want to find out more about our diverse product range? We offer industrial vacuum tanks, cleaning accessories, battery operated vacuums and more. Simply get in touch. Our friendly team here at AIV are more than happy to assist with any queries on our industrial vacuum cleaners for sale, so give us a call today and receive a free quotation and expert advice. We provide genuine and reliable support to create a solution that you can rely on. All orders that are placed are delivered via courier and you can monitor the progress of your order from the initial placement all the way through to delivery for peace of mind. Delivery times are estimated to take approximately 3 to 5 business days, subject to size, stock availability and location. Courier deliveries will be made during business hours from Monday to Friday.

AIV’s professional range of Wet & Dry Contractor Vacuums will get you working faster and fitting more jobs into your day! We provide the best priced high performance vacuums for Gutter Cleaners, Contractors and Tradesman in Australia.

With applications ranging from gutter cleaning to NBN and drain pits, excavations, water tank cleaning, liquid spill recovery and much more, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your business.

We provide the full package and support you all the way.

We provide a collection and installation service for utes and trailers.

We provide customisation options to ensure you find the perfect solution for your business!

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Enduro Pegasus

  • Honda/ Kohler Petrol Engine
  • 65mm Vacuum Hose
  • Operating up to 15Hg
  • 205L Collection Drum / Tipper
  • Top Hat Interceptor


  • Honda GX690 petrol engine
  • Kohler Diesel Engine Option
  • Operating up to 15Hg
  • 3inch and 2.5 working vacuum hose
  • 205L Collection Drum / Tipper
  • Top Hat Cyclonic Filter

Vacuum Tank Packages

  • 400L, 850L or 1000L options
  • Built for any wet and dry application
  • Petrol Engine
  • Positive displacement blower
  • 3 Stage cyclonic filtration system
  • Portable Vacuum Tank

Enduro Ultra

  • Kohler petrol engine
  • 16Hg Vacuum Level
  • 1000L Australian Made tipping tank
  • 3 stage filtration


  • Wet / Dry or Dry Vacuum
  • 2 Single Phase motors
  • 35 or 80 litre bagless vacuum tank

Enduro Hydro

  • 15Hg Vacuum Level
  • Pressure Washer included
  • Petrol Engine
  • 1000L Australian Made tipping tank
  • 3 stage filtration

Enduro IV Pro Range

  • 1000L Capacity Bulka Bags
  • Insulation and Fine Dust Removal
  • Used in Conjunction with Enduro Vac or Enduro Ultra

Wet Collection Box

  • Liquid Collection Unit
  • Customised Capacities
  • Used in Conjunction with our Popular EnduroVac Skid

Carbon Fibre Pole Kit

  • 100% carbon fibre construction
  • Lightweight hold
  • Safe option for cleaning gutters
  • Available in 4/6/8 Pole Kits (Outdoor use)

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