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What Are Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners?

The wet-dry vacuum is a multi-purpose solution to your cleaning needs. It cleans both solid particles such as dust, as well as handling liquid spills with ease. If you find the inefficiency of multiple cleaning tools is causing you to lose out on valuable production time, now is the time to search for the perfect wet and dry vacuum cleaner for sale. Read More

These vacuums are much more powerful than domestic options. They’re durable units built for even the toughest of messes. Designed with efficiency in mind, there’s no more lugging around mops, brooms, and dainty vacuums that faint at the sight of a real workplace. Great quality outdoor wet and dry vacuum cleaners are manufactured using long-lasting parts, including tough wheels that make it easy to move the unit from A to B. While powerful, these heavy-duty vacuum units can be compact, allowing them to squeeze through tight spaces, to access areas that other tools are far too bulky to reach.

If your workspace includes outdoor areas that need to be kept in tip-top shape – for health and safety reasons, or visual presentation, a water vac that does everything can make light work of tough tasks. Opting for a combined unit saves storage space, saves time, and saves your budget from multiple purchases.

Choosing The Wet Dry Vacuum That Meets Your Needs

When searching for vacuums, you might be tempted to opt for a dry vacuum alone. But liquid spills can cause just as much downtime, and create as many hazards, as solid particulates. If your workplace has the potential to have accidental liquid spills, it’s worthwhile investing in a solid, multi-purpose unit. To keep in line with safety regulations, having a wet and dry vacuum on stand-by can save you from avoidable headaches.

There are a number of water vacuum cleaners on the market, and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for it can be difficult to choose the right unit for you. Here at Australian Industrial Vacuums, we have extensive industry knowledge and source the best brands recognised globally as industry leaders. So, if you’re looking for the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team members are here to help you pinpoint your requirements and match the perfect unit to your needs. Whether it’s occasional spillages, or you need to drain liquid containers constantly, we can help identify the unit that’ll make a great investment for your business.

Choosing AIV gets you more than a durable, well-suited water vac/dry vacuum combo, you’ll also receive reliable and informative customer service, expert advice, and efficient delivery.

Find the Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Sale Right Here

Each wet vacuum cleaner for sale at AIV comes from a globally recognised brand, featuring long-lasting components and an extensive range of features that bring increased efficiency to your routine clean-up.

We have a wide range of industrial vacuum products available, and our helpful, knowledgeable team is here to help you navigate the specifics. So, whether you have a very specific idea of what you need, or whether the jargon is tripping you up – contact us today and we’ll search our extensive catalogue to pair you with the best match. Read Less


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