Three Phase Wet & Dry Vacuums -

Industrial Three Phase Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Dust Extraction

The XTRACTOR 55 model is a high-performance dust collector, created to be connected and used together with machinery for the treatment of surfaces that generate large quantities of fine and dangerous dust. The XTRACTOR 55 has a very high air flow rate, exceptional filtration and is available with a release collection container or with Longopac bagging. A socket allows a simple connection to the surface treatment machinery. It is also equipped with a comfortable fork for convenient transport by forklift


  • Building & Construction Industry Applications
  • Applications involving Surface preparation

Main Features

  • Integrated automatic filter cleaning system
  • Keeps the workplace clean
  • Very high airflow rate
  • Easy to connect to surface treatment machinery
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Longopac bagging system

XTRACTOR 55 - Specifications

Models XTRACTOR 55
Power (V - Hz) 400 - 50/60
Power (kW) 7.45
Max Waterlift (mmH2O) 550
Max Airflow (m3/h) 1600
Suction Inlet (mm) 80
Noise Level (EN ISO 3744) - dB(A) 76
Filter Type Cartridge
Material - Efficiency (IEC 60335-2-69) Polyester - M PTFE
Cleaning System Automatic Reverse Pulse
Capacity 20m Longopac bag
Dimensions (cm) 86 x 190 x 161h
Weight (kg) 450
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