Three Phase Wet & Dry Vacuums -
TC 400 T43

Industrial Vacuum For Oil & Chips Recovery

Three phase Tecnoil 400 Vacuum
The TC400 T43 is a three-phase turbine vacuum cleaner with a large liquid collection capacity, designed to make extracting and separating chips and lubricating oils in tanks and reservoirs easier, particularly in heavy and continuous applications.
The vacuum cleaner can recover and filter up to 400 litres of oil mixed with metal chips, and features an automatic stop for when the container is full.
The filtered oils can be drained quickly using a system of reversed airflow, while the chips are discharged using a tilting hopped with reduction gear.


  • Applications involving oils and emulsions
  • Metalworking Industry

Main Features

  • Side channel blower, powerful and silent, totally maintenance free, suitable for continuous duty
  • Complete steel construction
  • Vacuum gauge to detect filter clogging
  • PPL filter for chips separation
  • Discharge hose for liquids
  • Saving while recovering, filtering and reusing cutting oil and emulsion
  • Discharge pump included
  • Forklift intakes included

TC 400 T43 - Specifications

Models Tecnoil 400 T43
Power (v - Hz) 400 - 50
Power (kW) 4.3
Max Waterlift (mmh2O) 5 100
Noise Level (EN ISO 3744) - dB(A) 76
Filter Type 3D SuperWeb
Surface - Diameter (cm2-mm) 500
Media - Filtration Polypropylene - 20μm
Discharge System With Pump
Liquids Capacity (Litres) 400
Solids Capacity (Litres) 50
Discharge Speed (Litres/Minute) 350
Floating Device Yes
Dimensions (cm) 140 x 70 x 180h
Weight (kg) 250

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Vacuum Model: TC 400 T43


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