Three Phase Wet & Dry Vacuums -

Industrial Vacuum For Oil & Chips Recovery

Three phase Tecnoil 100IF Vacuum
The TC100 IF vacuum cleaner is a powerful three-phase vacuum equipped with a side channel blower, designed specifically for the mechanical industry and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

Coolant liquids and emulsions can be suctioned continuously, even 24 hours a day, separating off any metal chips and allowing the vacuumed liquid to be reused. This can equate to significant savings in terms of money and time spent servicing machinery.
100 litre liquid capacity, 40 litre sieve grid basket for metal chips and rapid discharge of liquid via reversed airflow.


  • Engineering and Metalworking Industry Applications
  • Machine Tool Maintenance Applications

Main Features

  • One single machine to vacuum, separate and recover or dispose the cutting oil mixed with metal chips
  • Three phase side channel blower, suitable for continuous duty
  • Compact and manoeuvrable, perfect for use in narrow spaces
  • 100% steel construction
  • Liquids level control thanks to the floating to stop the suction, and visual level detector
  • Detachable container with integrated sieve basket, for separation of metal chips
  • Fast discharge system of the collected liquids (reversed airflow system, 150 lt/ min)
  • Tangential suction inlet and cyclone for filter and motor protection
  • Oil mist and nebulized particles separation system, thanks to the Superweb 3D double layer polypropylene filter
  • Specific oil proof wheels and gaskets

TECNOIL 100 IF - Specifications

Power (V - Hz) 400 - 50
Power (Kw) 3
Max Waterlift (mmH20) 3000
Airflow max. (m3/h) 318
Sound level - dB(A) 78
Filter Type 3D Superweb
Surface - Diameter (cm2-mm) 500
Media - Filtration Polypropylene - 300µm
Discharge System Reverse Flow
Liquids capacity (Litres) 100
Solids capacity (Litres) 40
Discharge Speed (L/min) 200
Floating device Yes
Dimensions (cm) 67 x 66 x 135H
Weight (kgs) 95
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