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Effective dust and fume extraction is a key consideration for any industrial workplace. Not only does it make general cleaning easier, but it’s a vital resource for the protection of your employees’ health and for the continuing functionality of your equipment.

The team at Australian Industrial Vacuum can supply a wide range of single phase CNC vacuum pumps and other wet and dry single phase vacuum equipment to aid in non-continuous cleaning operations in the areas of your premises where high quantities of dust are produced. Read More

Single Phase Vacuum Pumps from Australian Industrial Vacuum

Single phase CNC vacuum pumps are a relatively new development in the world of industrial dust extraction. They are designed to meet the daily challenges of keeping a CNC production environment clean and functional without taking up too much space or causing obstruction.

Why Invest in Vacuum Equipment with Single Phase Vacuum Pumps?

Single phase vacuum cleaners are practical, sturdy, compact and easy to use. They’re perfect for premises that require dust extraction in a range of different areas at different times, as they can be easily moved across workspaces.

The products available from Australian Industrial Vacuum include both wet and dry vacuum options, enabling you to extract liquids, dust particles and solids as and when required.

For a CNC production environment, it’s possible to choose from a range of single phase router pumps and other specialty equipment with a range of sizes, strengths, and “hold down” capabilities.

While the machines we offer include single-phase pumps, they can be capable of producing levels of power and suction equivalent to those of three-phase models.

Keeping your CNC production areas clear of dust and debris is vital. Not only does it prevent machines from “clogging up” or becoming damaged by particles – which can be costly – it also ensures that all products and components routed by your equipment can be produced in an accurate and clean manner each time.

What’s more, it’s a great way to protect the health of your staff. The inhaling of silica dust and other particles over time can lead to serious health conditions, including silicosis, asbestosis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

In most cases, these conditions are life-limiting and can cause significant amounts of discomfort. It’s vital that you adhere to WHS guidelines by doing everything you can to reduce the amount of dust around your premises.

Wearing a protective mask does not constitute sufficient defence against constant or regular high-volume dust production.

How to Find the Right Single Phase CNC Vacuum Equipment

If you’re considering investing in tools and resources to keep your CNC equipment and the surrounding environment free of dust and harmful particles, simply contact the team at Australian Industrial Vacuum today by calling (03) 8597-3376 or filling in our handy online contact form.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaner pumps from vacuum tank packages to compressed air vacuum pumps and so much more.

We’ll be happy to provide you with all the help and guidance you require, so be sure to explain your requirements and the current setup of your premises to help us provide the right guidance for your needs. Read Less

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