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The 202 DS Endless Bag option comes with a system to ensure extracted dust is securely bagged, making the removal of fine, toxic or harmful dusts completely safe. Ideal for sucking up dust from construction and surface treatments. The ‘endless’ bag system (20 metres in length) weight and length can be regulated according to needs, thereby ensuring there is no contact whatsoever between the operator and the dust. A handy system of springs means the vacuum cleaner can be lowered, making it easier to transport on the company reclamation or surface treatment vehicles.

In the quest for a pristine commercial environment, prioritizing health and safety through effective cleaning solutions is non-negotiable. Australian Industrial Vacuum presents the Mistral 202DS, a pinnacle of Delfin Industrial Vacuums, engineered to deliver unparalleled cleaning versatility and efficiency. Perfect for handling both wet and dry debris, the Mistral 202DS stands out as the quintessential partner for maintaining cleanliness across various spaces. Read More

A Leap in Cleaning Technology with Delfin Industrial Vacuums

The Mistral 202DS vacuum cleaner revolutionizes cleaning processes, offering an efficient and stress-free experience every time. Why juggle multiple cleaning tools when the Mistral 202DS, a leading Delfin vacuum machine, can meet all your needs? Its compact design and superior mobility ensure that no corner remains untouched, while its robust suction power and advanced filter cleaning system guarantee a thorough clean, irrespective of the surface condition.

Customized Cleaning Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Understanding that each business has unique cleaning requirements, Australian Industrial Vacuum excels in providing customized solutions. Our expertise in Delfin vacuum machines allows us to recommend the perfect combination of vacuum and accessories, ensuring your space is not just clean but also conducive to productivity and well-being. Whether you're in construction, baking, or any industry in between, the versatility of the Mistral vacuum cleaner, particularly the Mistral 202DS model, ensures your environment remains impeccable.

Lifetime Support and Unmatched Durability

Choosing the Mistral 202DS from Australian Industrial Vacuum is an investment in durability and reliability. Not only does this Mistral vacuum cleaner boast exceptional performance, but it also comes with the assurance of lifetime support and a comprehensive two-year warranty covering filters, labour, and parts. Shop with confidence, knowing that your cleaning solution is designed for longevity and backed by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Choose the Mistral 202DS?

  • Versatility: Wet and dry cleaning capabilities ensure that no mess is too challenging.

  • Efficiency: Reduce cleaning time with powerful suction and an efficient filter system.

  • Mobility: Easy to manoeuvre, making it perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  • Customization: A wide range of accessories available to tailor the vacuum to your specific needs.

  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy lifetime support and a two-year warranty for a worry-free purchase.

Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Cleaning

Elevate your cleaning routine with the Mistral 202DS, a testament to the innovation and quality of Delfin Industrial Vacuums. Experience the difference in cleanliness and efficiency that this vacuum brings to your commercial space. Australian Industrial Vacuum is not just a provider; we are your partner in ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Contact our friendly team today to explore how the Mistral 202DS can transform your cleaning tasks into an effortless, efficient process. Embrace the future of cleaning with Australian Industrial Vacuum and the Mistral 202DS. Read Less


  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry Applications
  • Applications involving Surface preparation
  • Building & Construction Industry Applications

Main Features

  • Disposable bags with optional use of extractable collection container
  • Complete steel construction
  • Two powerful by pass motors with independent cooling
  • Adjustable height to facilitate transport on vehicles
  • Largest suface filter in its category
  • 20m collection bag
  • Compact and mobile
  • Easy filter replacement


202DS ENDLESS BAG - Specifications

Power (V - Hz) 240 - 50
Power (kw) 2.3
Max Waterlift (mmH20) 2500
Max Airflow (m3/h) 360
Suction Inlet (mm) 50
Noise Level (EN ISO 3744) - dB(A) 76
Filter Type Cartridge
Surface Diameter (cm2 - mm) 30,000 - 360
Material - Efficiency (IEC 60335-2-69) Polyester - M
Airload On Filter (m3/m2/h) 120
Cleaning System Dustop
Discharge System 20m Endless bags
Capacity 20m Endless bag
Dimensions (cm) 59 x 48 x 125H
Weight (kg) 55

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Vacuum Model: 202DS ENDLESS BAG


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