Single Phase Wet & Dry Vacuums -
Inert Separator

Pre-Separator For The Inertization of Hazardous Explosive Dusts

The pre-separator must be placed between the suction point and the industrial vacuum cleaner. The vacuumed material is immersed in an inert liquid system which instantly inert it. This way, both the operator and the vacuum cleaner are safeguarded.

The pre-separator for explosive dusts is also equipped with a sieve grid which captures the material and allows the operator to safely remove it from the inner part of the pre-separator.

Main Features

  • For explosive dusts
  • Equipped with a sieve grid
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Atex certified for Zone 22

Inert Separator - Specifications

Model INERT Separator
ATEX Zones 22
Suction Inlet (mm) 50
Filter Type Star
Surface Diameter (cm2-mm) 10,000 - 500
Liquid Filter PPL
Collection Tank Interchangeable
Dust Capacity (Litres) 13
Dimensions (cm) 50 x 60 x 100H
Weight (kg) 38
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