Pneumatic Conveying -
PRO 280E

Electro-pneumatic conveyor system for transporting powders and grains over short distances

Delfin Electro-pneumatic conveyor system for transporting powders and grains over short distances - PRO280E
Dilute phase pneumatic conveyor with a single-phase motor. Conveyor for powders > 1μm and free flowing grains when they need to remain intact.
Fully automatic functional logic, a system designed for both continuous operation and potential-free contact.
Certified for food use, AISI 304 stainless steel for parts in contact with the product, glossy finish interior and satin finish exterior. Various build and product discharge options available. Wide range of accessories specific to powder transport applications.


  • Applications within the Food Industry
  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry Applications
  • Wood applications
  • Coffee, Tea, Tobacco Processing

Main Features

  • Customisation and configuration available according to specific needs
  • Easy to install, turn on, use and sanitise
  • No obstruction or environmental pollution
  • CE-certified, FDA-certified system for food application
  • A wide range of optional accessories is available
  • Increased productivity
  • Low economic impact and reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Product quality and integrity preservation
  • Improved hygiene and operational conditions
  • The system includes a side channel blower, which is a silent, powerful three-phase motor which requires no maintenance

PRO 280E - Specifications

MODEL PRO 280E - 2.2 kW PRO 280 E - 4.3 kW
Power (V - Hz) 400 - 50 3~ 400 - 50 3~
Power (kw) 2.2 4.3
Max Airflow (m3/h) 318 320
Max Waterlift (mmH20) 210 360
Material - Efficiency (IEC 60335-2-69) Polyester - ANT M Polyester - ANT M
Air Cleaning Consumption (NI/min) 350 350
Unload/Outlet (mm) 100 100
Type Of Unloading Balanced Valve Plug Balanced Valve Plug
Weight (kg) 15 15
Max Load Volume (Litres) 8 8
Pneumatic Conveying System (mm) 50 50
Dimensions (cm) D280 x H740 D280 x H740
Transport Capacity (kg/h) 700 - 330 - 220 930 - 460 - 310
Distance (metres) 5 - 10 - 15 5 - 10 - 15
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