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Centralised Vacuum Systems (CVS)

A centralised vacuum system (CVS) is designed according to the specific characteristics of each production area. It consists of a centralised suction unit, filtration unit, and collection units & ducting components.

Suction Unit
Fixed or mobile suction units up to 25kW of power can be manufactured, with several options available such as a remote control and the full personalisation of the electrical panel for special functions.

Filtration Unit
CVS units can be provided with high filtration efficiency filter units (with HEPA filters installed) and high filter surface area. This minimises machine stops and the reduction of performances during long operations.

Collection Units
Each system can be equipped with the proper collection system, making it easier to dispose of the sucked material. Options available include extractable containers, BI.BO, Longopac systems, and rotary cells.


  • Cement Plant Applications
  • Applications involving heavy materials
  • Applications involving large quantities
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Applications
  • Steelworks and Foundry Applications

Main Features

Vacuum Units

  • Sturdy vacuum cleaner for intensive use
  • Suction from multiple points simultaneously
  • Characterised by significant power
  • Low noise level
  • Powerful side channel blower
  • Customised for your specific needs
  • Zone 22 Certification available


  • Increase the capacity of the vacuum system and protect the suction unit
  • Large capacity
  • Wide surface filters
  • Automatic and timed filter cleaning systems

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Centralised Vacuum Systems (CVS) - Specifications

MODELS CV 117 CV 126 CV 127 CV119 CV 120 CV 121 CV 124 CV 125
Power (V-Hz) 400-50 400-50 400-50 400-50 400-50 400-50 400-50 400-50
Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 7.5 12.5 18.5 25 20 18.5
Max Airflow (m3/h) 530 700 750 1100 1350 2200 1100 700
Max Waterlift (mmH20) 2000 2700 3200 2900 3200 3200 4500 6000
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