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ZEFIRO Cube 20

Three Phase industrial dust collector

Delfin Three Phase ZEFIRO CUBE 20 Dust Collector
The Zefiro CUBE 20 is an industrial dust collector with a high air flow rate for localized suction (thanks to one or two optional articulated arms) of suspended and fine dust. The electric fan is capable of generating high air flow values. The large filter cartridges ensure the total filtration of the extracted dust, which is constantly cleaned by an automatic differential pressure cleaning system. A convenient container to release allows to simply dispose of the powders sucked.


  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry Applications
  • Welding Applications
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Applications

Main Features

  • Complete steel construction
  • High filtration efficiency
  • High air flow value
  • Conceived for the suction of fine dusts suspended in the air
  • Optional articulated arm to suction in a restricted area
  • Easily removeable container for safe disposal of collected material

ZEFIRO Cube 20 - Specifications

Power (V - Hz) 400 - 50
Power (kW) 1.5
Electrical protection (IP) 55
Max Waterlift (mmH2O) 142 - 115
Max Airflow (m3/h) 1350 - 2400
Suction Inlet (mm) 1 x 200 & 2 x 150
Noise Level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 74
Filter Type Cartridge
Surface Diameter (cm2-mm) 200,000
Material - Efficiency (IEC 60335-2-69) Polyester - ANT M
Cleaning System Automatic AUT/PN
Cartridge number 2
Capacity (Litres) 30
Dimensions (cm) 115 x 82 x 170H
Weight (kg) 235

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Vacuum Model: ZEFIRO Cube 20


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