Industrial Dust Collectors

Dust collectors allow the suction of suspended dust in the working environment. The best way to guarantee clean air in the workspace and operator safety is to prevent the spread of dusts in the environment: the localised suction of powders directly from the source is the most effective and safe solution. To guarantee the suction of fine dusts suspended in the environment, dust collectors must be equipped with filters that have a large surface area, high filtration efficiency and a handy cleaning system. These features are essential for the best performance. Read More

Dusty environments can impact the working conditions of your employees, and it could be damaging to their health. By investing in an industrial vacuum that works as a dust collector, you can ensure that you are creating a workspace that is safe, clean and compliant so that your team can continue to work hard.

Our Dust Collector Vacuum Cleaner Will Keep Your Workplace Safe

Along with protecting the health of your workers, a dust collector vacuum cleaner can also help to keep your premises safe. Combustible dust such as flour, sugar and plastics may cause explosions, making it imperative to reduce the suspended dust in your working environment, as well as the dust that collects on the floor.

At Australian Industrial Vacuum, our team can help you to find the best dust collector machine that will meet your requirements. With expert knowledge and experience, we can give you honest advice and help you to keep everyone safe.

How an AIV Dust Collector Can Keep Your Workers and Premises Safe

An industrial dust collector machine works by preventing dust from spreading in your environment. By sucking the dust directly from the source, it creates a safer environment for everyone and creates better air quality.

Along with this, you also have large filters, and this works to collect any dust that is suspended in the air and also sucks directly from the source. At AIV, we design filters for their dependability, durability and ensure that they provide you with a filtration system that works. This can all be achieved at a low cost and maintenance thanks to our simple manufacturing process and components that have proven longevity. Whatever your material is, we have a diverse range of filtration options to suit your requirements.

Why Choose Australian Industrial Vacuum?

At AIV, we have multiple options for dust-collecting machines, and we can also create a custom-fabricated system to meet your exact requirements. This can be completed and shipped to you within 5-6 weeks and help you to create a work environment that is better for everyone. With in-house CAD and 3D design capabilities, we are the company to create a system that works for you.

Invest In An Industrial Dust Collector Today

Our range of models and power sources means that we can help you to reduce and eliminate dust from your workspace. Our models all have certifications to meet Australian standards, including the H14 Hepa and IECEx.

We have the toughest range of industrial grade vacuums from dust control systems to pneumatic conveyors and so much more.

As a partner distributor for Australia and New Zealand with Delfin Italy, we specialise and only sell industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, so you can be sure of our knowledge when you come to AIV.

Do not let the safety of your work environment be compromised by dust. By investing in a quality dust collector today, you do not have to face the financial or emotional consequences that come from not having the right safety equipment in place.

Enquire with us today about the best industrial dust collector machine for you, and we will be happy to help.

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Delfin Three Phase - Airflow EV 420 Industrial Vacuum

EV 420

  • 0.75kw
  • 35L capacity
  • Electric fan
  • Extraction of dust and fumes in the air
  • 24/7 continuous service
  • Maintenance free motor

EV AP 500

  • 2.2kw
  • 100L capacity
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous duty
  • Detachable container with optional disposal into disposable bags
  • Very high airflow

EV AP 560

  • 4kw
  • 100L capacity
  • Electric fan
  • 24/7 continuous service
  • Built-in filter cleaning system
  • Possibility of direct bagging, for rapid emptying
Delfin Three Phase - Airflow EV AP 560 PN Industrial Vacuum

EV AP 560 PN

  • 4kw
  • 100L capacity
  • Equipped with an automatic pneumatic filter cleaning system
Delfin Three Phase ZEFIRO CUBE 10 Dust Collector

ZEFIRO Cube 10

  • 1.1 kW
  • 5L capcity
  • Articulated arm to suction in restricted areas
Delfin Three Phase ZEFIRO CUBE 20 Dust Collector

ZEFIRO Cube 20

  • 1.5 kW
  • 30L capacity
  • One or two articulated arms allow suction of fine dusts in restricted areas
Delfin Three Phase ZEFIRO CUBE 40 Dust Collector

ZEFIRO Cube 40

  • 3 kW
  • 90L capcity
  • One or two articulated arms allow for suction in restricted areas

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