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Accessories For Floor Cleaning - Australian Industrial Vacuum

Accessories For Floor Cleaning

Accessories Ideal For Floor Cleaning In The Workplace

We provide a wide range of Delfin original accessories that help you get the most from their industrial vacuum cleaners.
By combining the right accessory to the correct industrial vacuum every cleaning job in the working environment becomes simple and fast.
The wide selection allows you to find the best possible solution for your cleaning needs.
The double curves and brushes dedicated for solids and liquids are ideal for keeping the work environment clean and productive.

Accessories Available

Floor Tools Available:

  • Aluminium double bend wand (for floor brush or squeegee)
  • Floor brush with wheels
  • Floor squeegee with wheels
  • Chrome floor wand
  • Scraping steel nozzle
  • Articulated nylon brush
  • PVC floor brush – dry
  • PVC floor squeegee – wet & dry

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