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Wet Collection Box

Customised Solutions for Specialised Applications

Specifically designed for easy collection of liquids. Our 600L Australian made Wet Collection Boxes will help you complete your jobs faster!

Featuring a sieve grid to separate solids & liquids, plus a high-level liquid shutoff.

Designed in house by our engineering team and fabricated locally here in Melbourne. Our Wet Collection Box has received official Australian Made Certification.

Mounted onto your ute, trailer or light truck and used in conjunction with our petrol or diesel EnduroVac system.

Can also be paired with 12 volt utility pump for continuous discharge,

Contact our team to discuss your customised setup

Main Features

Ute, trailer, or light truck mounted

Used in conjunction with the EnduroVac system

Able to be used for the suction of:

  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Soft washing surfaces
  • Water recovery
  • Liquid transfer
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