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Not all industrial premises or sites are suited to the use of vacuum equipment that is powered by electricity.

What’s more, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact – and companies that employ processes resulting in the creation of large volumes of dust may require a vacuum system that operates all day, every day. This requires a great deal of energy.

The alternative is to invest in equipment that uses less power – or none at all!

Compressed air Venturi vacuum pumps can produce suction with no electrical input whatsoever. Here, we explore a little about how they work. Read More

What is a Compressed Air Venturi Vacuum Pump?

Instead of relying on electricity to power its central function, venturi vacuum pumps use an air-powered system. As compressed air is forced out of an “exit hole”, resulting in a drop in internal pressure, more air is drawn in to counteract that drop.

This is known as the “venturi effect”, hence the name of the device. It’s an efficient and natural way to keep your premises clean and safe. Compressed air systems are just as effective as “powered” equipment, but are less costly when it comes to energy bills and wastage.

They don’t require any lubrication either, which keeps everything clean and reduces overheads still further.

Venturi pumps are highly practical solutions for businesses with unique requirements – from external sites that are exposed to rain to practices involving highly volatile substances – such as natural gas – that could be ignited by a single electrical spark.

They’re also ideal for organisations aiming for zero-waste and low energy usage.

Compressed Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps: For Efficient and Versatile Dust Extraction

The inhalation of dust particles can be exceptionally damaging to health. The grinding, drilling and general shaping of stone, brick, concrete mortar and clay – as well as a range of other materials – produces silica particles.

By breathing in these particles over time, with insufficient protection, workers can develop serious lung conditions such as silicosis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Most of the time, protective masks alone do not protect the wearer from enough of these particles to render them safe.

As well as protecting employees, industrial dust extraction solutions with compressed air Venturi vacuum pumpscan help to ensure that all equipment remains clean and functional, preventing the build-up of particles within working parts and guarding against the contamination and tarnishing of products.

If a machine becomes “clogged” with dust, the maintenance costs can become significant. It can also cause delays to vital processes.

Even your company’s daily cleaning routine can be simplified with the aid of a suitable vacuum solution. The amount of dust and debris will diminish considerably with the right equipment, freeing up staff time and enabling employees to attend to key practices with fewer distractions.

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For further information about the vacuum systems and solutions offered by Australian Industrial Vacuum, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today. We will be more than happy to listen to your requirements and provide valuable advice and assistance.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaner pumps from vacuum tank packages to single phase CNC vacuum pumps and so much more. Read Less

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