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Battery Operated Industrial Vacuum

The DM40 SGA BAT is a compact and reliable battery operated industrial vacuum for dust and solid material. Powerful suction is provided by three 24V bypass motors, which is powered by two 12V batteries installed on the front of the chassis. The motor head is filled with noise reducing material, in order to limit the noise level as much as possible. It is designed to convey the exhaust towards the ground, not to bother the user or raise possible dust in the surrounding area. With 50L capacity, efficient filtration and maintenance, the DM40 SGA BAT is the perfect choice when needing a battery operated system.


  • Applications involving large quantities
  • Packaging Industry
  • Suitable for all applications

Main Features

  • Compact and mobile
  • Battery operated
  • Sturdy construction of vacuum and chassis
  • Low noise level
  • Manual filter shaker for efficient cleaning of the filter
  • Optional additional battery charger

DM40 SGA BATTERY OPERATED - Specifications

Model DM40 SGA BAT
Power (Voltage / Hz) 24 / 50-60
Bypass motors 3
Power (WATT) 3 x 450
Batteries (N / Volt) 2 x 12 Volt
Max vacuum rate (mmH20) 1700
Max airflow rate (m3/h) 290
Filter surface - star filter (cm2) 20,000
Filter efficiency - CAT (BIA) / micron L < 3
Air load on filter (m3/m2/h) 270
Capacity (Litres) 50
Suction inlet diameter (mm) 80
Noise level - dB(A) 76
Isolation (CL) 1
Dimensions (cm) 58 x 90 x 125H
Weight (kg) 100
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