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How To Choose A Hose For Your Industrial Vacuum

Australian Industrial Vacuum is Australia’s favourite supplier of commercial industrial vacuums for applications in all industries. We keep workplaces clean, safe and efficient with a wide range of products, including hundreds of industrial vacuums. We also have the perfect vacuum hose for any industrial vacuum, along with all the other accessories and parts required. We have a hose compatible with every vacuum and budget, of a wide variety of sizes. All of our products have the highest of quality and can be relied on to last you for years. Let us help you keep the workplace clean and get your industrial vacuum hose from AIV. Read More

A Wide Range of Vacuum Hoses

When it comes to industrial vacuums, we have hundreds of products suitable for all needs, and hoses are no exception. We have several different models available, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for all businesses. We have antistatic, heat-resistant and steel hoses, most of them available in different lengths depending on your needs, from 3 to 30 metres. We also have hose connectors that can be used to connect several hoses together and make them as long as you require, along with hose cuffs of different models compatible with our hoses. If you need a flexible industrial vacuum hose, you’re not likely to find more options available elsewhere.

Picking the Right Vacuum Hose

With so many options, it can be hard to know which hose is the best for the application you need it for. Here is some advice regarding what the different models we offer have as their advantages to help you identify the best option for your business.

Antistatic vacuum hoses are the best to use for vacuuming fine dust, especially in dry conditions. In these circumstances, electro-static charge easily develops inside the hose.This leads to uncomfortable sparking. Antistatic accessories for your vacuum, including an antistatic hose, reduces the risk of this happening.

Heat-resistant vacuum hoses can suction materials with degrees of up to 200 degrees Celsius without being damaged by the high temperature. This makes them ideal for applications in bakeries and ovens, where you’ll no longer need to wait for debris to cool down before you can vacuum it up. Cleaning up hot materials quickly also reduces risk of burn injuries.

Steel hoses are strong, durable and have a long life. They’re resistant to corrosion and last a long time even exposed to a wide variety of stressors. This makes them great for any environment where other materials might be easily injured.

Buy Your Replacement Vacuum Hose With AIV

Australian Industrial Vacuum offers hundreds of industrial vacuuming solutions for a wide range of industries, with options suitable for all possible businesses. We also offer custom-fabricated vacuuming systems as necessary. Our helpful customer service team is always on hand to offer advice and answer questions. Our products are high-quality and come with warranties, meaning we’ll provide you with all necessary replacement parts and repairs in case of any issues. We have a range of vacuums and parts including high pressure vacuum cleaners, asbestos dust vacuum cleaners and gutter cleaning vacuums to name a few. If you need a flexible vacuum hose for your industrial vacuum, choose AIV. Check out the models on our website or contact us to learn more. Read Less

Hose Available

  • Evaflex Hose
  • Evaflex Antistatic Hose
  • Superflex Polyurethane Antistatic Hose (Food grade certificate)
  • Polyurethane Hose With Stainless Steel Spiral
  • Oil Proof Hose
  • Steel Flexible Hose
  • Heat Resistant Hose

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