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Contractor Vacuum Accessories

Accessorise your Contractor Vacuum to work precisely the way you want it to.

AIV provides a comprehensive range of contractor vacuum accessories and tools to help you use your Contractor Vacuum to its full potential.
By using the right tool for the job, you will not only be working more efficiently and faster, BUT also reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.
Our tools and accessory kits are not only designed to be perfect for gutter cleaning but are essential in making your Contractor Vacuum the ultimate all round industrial vacuum capable of tackling any wet / dry cleaning application.

Accessories Available

L-Rod Vacuum Wand

Lightweight aluminium extension tool keeps your back straight and your body away from the roof’s edge.

Crevice Tool

20 metre Vacuum Hose

Hose Reel

205 Litre Drum

Drum Tipper

4.5m Clean From The Ground Kit

2.5inch or 3inch Bulk Tools

Mini Camera System

Aluminium ‘S’ Wand

D50 Floor Brush

D50 Floor Squeegee

D50 Tool Kit

D40 Tool Kit

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