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LitterVac Vacuum | Australian Industrial Vacuum


Powerful vacuum that collects leaf and litter in wet or dry conditions

Simply attach your LitterVac 400 or LitterVac 800 to your ride on mower or quad bike & vacuum in seconds! You will save time allowing you more time to ride rather than countless hours of cleaning. For those who don’t have a tow vehicle the LitterVac also comes in a 200L three-wheel push around vacuum.
The LitterVac 800 model is designed for larger areas to reduce the time spent emptying, with an 800L capacity and larger frame to carry the extra load.

The LitterVac 400 and LitterVac800 are both powered by the reliable Honda 4 stroke 50cc new generation motor with 3-year domestic warranty. These powerful vacuums collect material in wet or dry conditions as nothing but return air passes through the Honda motor impeller. The LitterVac 200 is powered by a Honda 25cc 4 stroke motor with powerful capability.

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LitterVac Package Inclusions

  • Available in 200L, 400L & 800L capacity
  • Collects material in wet or dry conditions
  • Both 400L and 800L can be attached to tow vehicles
  • Australian made plastic body
  • Powerful Honda motor

LitterVac - Specifications

Model LitterVac 200 LitterVac 400 LitterVac 800
Capacity 200 litres 400 litres 800 litres
Dry Weight 35kg 65kg 90kg
Tub Height 860mm 1000mm 1170mm
Width 800mm 850mm 1060mm
Length 120mm 1400mm 1700mm
Hose Diameter 4" 5" 5"
Hose & Nozzle 3.2 metre reach 3.2 metre reach 3.7 metre reach
Honda Motor 25cc 50cc 50cc
Fuel Type Unleaded Unleaded Unleaded
Fuel Tank Size 1.27 litres 1.27 litres 1.27 litres

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