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Contractor Vacuum Accessories | Australian Industrial Vacuum


Accessorise your Contractor Vacuum to work precisely the way you want it to.

AIV provides a comprehensive range of accessories and kits to help you use your Contractor Vacuum to its full potential.
By using the right tool for the job, you will not only be working more efficiently and faster, BUT also reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.
Our tools and accessory kits are not only designed to be perfect for gutter cleaning but are essential in making your Contractor Vacuum the ultimate all round industrial vacuum capable of tackling any wet / dry cleaning application.

Accessories Available

  • L-Rod Vacuum Wand
  • Crevice Tool
  • 20 metre Vacuum Hose
  • Hose Reel
  • 205 Litre Drum
  • Drum Tipper
  • 4.5m Clean From The Ground Kit
  • 2.5inch or 3inch Bulk Tools
  • Mini Camera System
  • Aluminium ‘S’ Wand
  • D50 Floor Brush
  • D50 Floor Squeegee
  • D50 Tool Kit
  • D40 Tool Kit

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Accessory Details

Accessory Name Description
L-Rod Vacuum Wand Lightweight aluminium extension tool keeps your back straight and your body away from the roof's edge.
Crevice Tool Enables access to small spaces and gutters otherwise restricted by iron or tile overhangs.
20 metre Vacuum Hose 2.5inch or 3inch Antistatic smooth bore vacuum hose that is lightweight, durable and won't kink up on you.
Hose Reel Laser cut and conveniently stores up to 60 metres of hose.
Includes a transport lock to prevent unravelling while driving.
Four pre-drilled mounting feet allow easy fastening to your vehicle or trailer.
205 Litre Drum Extra drums are a low cost solution to increasing your carrying capacity.
All drums are "dangerous goods rated" Epon lined and include a liquid drain tap.
Can be fitted with a lid.
Drum Tipper Especially designed for the 205 litre collection drum, the tipper facilitates safe and effortless dumping of collected waste and debris.
4.5m Clean From The Ground Kit Leave the ladder on the ute when you're equipped with this kit.
Includes 3 x 1.5 metre aluminium pole sections and both a crevice tool and open gutter attachment.
2.5inch or 3inch Bulk Tool Robust construction, yet lightweight and ergonomically balanced for comfortable use all day.
Mini Camera System Portable lightweight inspection camera and DVR offers the ultimate solution to inspecting hard-to-reach and dark spaces.
Add this to your "Clean from the ground kit" and you will be cleaning gutters efficiently and thoroughly every time.
4 Bright LEDs offer 5 metres clear view in complete darkness.
9.5 hours battery time with large 32GB memory.
Instant inspection details can be viewed on 5inch HD screen.
Aluminium 'S' Wand To use with any D50 Floor Tools. Promotes comfort while working and increases reach.
D50 Floor Brush 550mm working width. Versatile for cleaning rough and smooth floor surfaces
D50 Floor Squeegee 550mm working width. For liquid and slurry pick up
D50 Tool Kit 2 x D50 Hose Cuffs, 3m D50 EVA Hose, D50 Aluminium 'S' Wand, D50 430mm Floor Brush, D50 Crevice Tool, D50 Round Brush, D50 Connector
D40 Tool Kit D90-D40 Reducer, 2 x D40 Hose Cuffs, 3m D40 EVA Hose, D40 2 piece 'S' wand, D40 Squeegee, D40 Floor Brush

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