A Regenerative Vacuum combining ample storage and great suction with 99.9% filtration.

The DuroVac DVR Series Industrial Vacuum is super smooth and quiet, the ideal vacuum for continuous operation.

The DuroVac DVR Series portable indusrial vacuum

The DVR Series features an exclusive trouble free filter system that lets you take control of fine powders.

The super-efficient primary filter media won’t easily blind, so there is never a drop in performance as the canister fills.

Now you can vacuum fines continuously without stopping work to clean the filters. All models feature an optional cartridge type inline filter that can easily be upgraded to a HEPA type filter.

Combine quiet heavy duty power with triple filtration.

Call to get the best advice for your application.

DVR Regenerative Series Common Features

  • Super-quiet, continuous duty regenerative vacuum producer in all world voltages.
  • 5.7 m2 of primary filter media.
  • Filter efficiency of 99.9% @ 0.5 microns, standard.
  • Effective internal filter bag shaker.
  • Available portable and fixed central vacuum frames.
  • Built in silencer for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Heavy duty, complete steel frame.
  • UL / CSA / CE Compliance

Exclusive Triple Filtration System

Triple filtration assures trouble-free operation with fine powders.

  • First stage cyclonic separator with internal baffle plate to protect against abrasion
  • Large main filter in a baghouse type format
  • “Surface filtration” type filters, standard
  • Inline filter provides protection to operator and vacuum.
DuroVac DVR Series configured to use Propane

DVR Series Models & Specifications

85 15-200 15-300 15-400 20-500
Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 9.2 11 15
Number of Hoses 1 x 50mm
2 x 38mm
1 x 50mm
2 x 38mm
2 x 50mm
3 x 38mm
2 x 50mm
4 x 38mm
2 x 50mm
5 x 38mm
Air Flow (Inlet m3/hr) 537 537 663 782 915
Vacuum (Mbar) 270 350 350 350 350
Filter Area (m2) 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7  5.7
Storage (Litre) 100 100 100 100  100
Noise Level @ 1m (dBa) 85 85 85 85  85
Weight (Kg) 318 336 355 355 373
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The DVR Series industrial vacuum requires a pre-separator to collect bulk material.   See Accessories.
All models can be configured without wheels to make a central vacuum.


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