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When transporting granulated or powdered products between machines, or when packaging substances of this kind for distribution, contamination is all too easy.

Dust particles and other debris suspended in the air or attached to employees’ clothing can quickly make their way into the product, reducing its purity and quality.

To prevent this, specialist pneumatic conveyors can be used. Here, the team at Australian Industrial Vacuum explains a little more about this valuable equipment and reveals how it can help to improve your company’s manufacturing and packaging methods. Read More

Protect Your Product with Pneumatic Conveying Systems from Australian Industrial Vacuum

We’ve been supplying industrial vacuum systems and pneumatic conveyance solutions since 2015 – and we’re always developing our range of products. Read on to find out how our expertise can help you keep your products pure and free from contaminants.

Pneumatic conveying involves the propulsion of granular or powdered products through pipelines using pressurised air. The substance in question is quickly and easily moved from one location to another with no risk of exposure to potential contaminants.

Through the application of a conveying compressor or blower, levels of air pressure are manipulated throughout a system of pipes. Pressurised air automatically moves into areas of lower pressure. Using this method, it is possible for particles of product to be “carried” through a system.

This is known as the pneumatic transport of powders or granules. The clean, sealed pipes protect the product from contamination, keeping it as pure as possible and perfect for distribution.

The method is also quick and streamlined, with the capability of increasing the productivity and efficiency of the machines to which it is applied by 30%.

Industry-Leading Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The pneumatic conveying systems available from Australian Industrial Vacuum are manufactured by the industry-leading brand Delfin.

Each is FDA-certified for safe use with food products, and it is possible to select from a range of capacities and power levels.

We even offer low energy-consumption venturi systems, which use compressed air in place of an electrical input – making them safe to use in areas where electricity is inaccessible or unsuitable and lowering the environmental impact of the equipment.

With the help of any of our pneumatic conveying systems, exceptional hygiene conditions are easily attainable, and the transfer of product can be made far more efficient.

Invest In Pneumatic Conveying Today

With the help of any of our pneumatic conveying systems, exceptional hygiene conditions are easily attainable, and the transfer of product can be made far more efficient.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaner pumps from vacuum tank packages to single phase CNC vacuum pumps and so much more.Improving the purity of your products will lead to an increase in customer trust and is likely to add value to everything you create and distribute. Read Less


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