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An industrial cyclone vacuum cleaner can be used for many different applications, which could make it a good choice for your business. At Australian Industrial Vacuum, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you to make the right decision for your business. Read More

Having the right industrial vacuum cleaner means that you can make your workspace safe, clean and compliant for any team members or visitors to your site. Also, by choosing an industrial cleaner that works for your requirements, you can expect it to be long-lasting and efficient.

AIV is the perfect choice when your workplace needs a new vacuum, with a wide range of reliable products suitable for all needs and guaranteed to last you a long time. We offer Australia-wide shipping, dedicated customer service and warranties for all our products. With hundreds of industrial cyclone vacuums available and custom orders accepted, we have the vacuum for every business and application.

What is an Industrial Cyclone Vacuum, and How Does it Work?

cyclone industrial vacuum is ideal for work environments that have machinery as it is capable of picking up a lot of dust and debris to keep your workplace clean and safe.

A cyclone vacuum sucks up dust and debris at a high speed through the cyclonic effect of the airflow then deposits the material into the base of the collection receptacle. These particles are pushed to the sides and then to the bottom, meaning suction is not lost as the collection bin fills up. Along with this, it reduces the number of particles that come into contact with the filter, which means lower maintenance for workers who do not have to clean the filters as regularly. Emptying the collection vessel with a cyclone blower vacuum is also fast and simple, so you can keep your workplace clean with minimum effort.

Could Your Business Benefit from an Industrial Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner?

Using an industrial cyclone vacuum cleaner will mean that any cleaning tasks can be more efficient as they are designed to clean large areas and withstand a lot of use. By having an efficient cleaner, workspaces are safer not just for the people that work there, but they also protect the business from explosions or contamination and helps you to have optimal operational time.

Dust is not only unsightly, but it also poses a major health risk and long-term exposure has serious effects on lung health. In addition to this, many kinds of dust, including flour, sugar and plastics, are combustible, so they can lead to explosions. Any equipment and tools will have their lives shortened and functionality affected by dust build-up, so keeping the workplace clean saves you time and money on replacing and maintaining equipment. All of these reasons mean that a cyclone vacuum cleaner is beneficial in a wide range of industries and workplaces, including factories, workshops and similar environments.

Our vacuums, depending on model, are suitable for applications in the food industry, wine making industry, rubber industry, cement works, woodwork, aluminium and PVC work, plastics industry, electronics, optics, packaging industry, and many, many more. All the products on our website have their applications clearly listed so you can easily find the right fit.

Why Choose Australian Industrial Vacuum for Your Business?

With our extensive range of models and power sources, AIV is the place to come for your industrial vacuum cleaner. Our vacuums are a globally recognised brand, and our build quality is second to none, meaning that you can be assured that your product will be durable. We provide Australia with top-quality, dependable products that you can trust to do the job. Whether you’re considering a cyclone vacuum or blower, or an alternative industrial vacuum, we have a system suited for any application. If you’re unsure what kind of industrial vacuum is right for you, we’re happy to advise you so you can find the perfect fit. We also offer personalised custom-fabricated vacuums when necessary.

To further add to your peace of mind, your cleaner will come with a factory warranty and lifetime support. If you have any issues with your cleaner, we will work with you until they are sorted and not disappear like other vendors. Your warranty will cover both parts and labour. Spare parts are kept in stock, so should anything go wrong, it can be sorted quickly as we know that you need your cleaner to be functional at all times. Our customer service is one of our top priorities, which is why we’re always here to help you with any issues that arise and with questions you might have about our products. Together, we can keep your workplace safe and clean.

Our product range

When it comes to cyclone vacuums or cyclone blower vac, our range of products is one of the biggest in Australia, providing you with many different options. Depending on your size requirements, we have vacuums with capacities as small as 25L to as big as over 1500L capacity. The various models available have different advantages and several are IECEx certified. No matter your industry or what objects you need to vacuum, we’re guaranteed to have a model that suits. Check out our collection or get in touch with the team to discuss which one is best for your needs.

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We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from construction vacuum cleaner to compressed air vacuum cleaner and so much more. We ship to all of Australia.

We will usually get back to you with a quote for your industrial vacuum cleaner within one day. If you need a custom fabricated system, this can be designed specifically to meet all your requirements. We have the perfect solution for any circumstances and we won’t disappoint.

Contact us today for more information about our cyclone industrial vaccum cleaners, and we can help you to choose the one that is right for your business or discuss the possibility of fabricating a system especially for you.
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