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The application of a suitable dust extraction system is vital for the health and safety of your staff as well as the overall cleanliness and proper functionality of your premises. For larger spaces or workplaces where significant amounts of dust are constantly being created, the team at Australian Industrial Vacuum recommend the installation of a high power commercial vacuum cleaner. Read More

High Power Commercial Vacuum Cleaners from Australian Industrial Vacuum

All employers and management teams involved in industrial practices that result in the production of significant levels of dust particles and fumes should take steps to protect workers against the inhalation of these substances.

Inhalation of silica dust, for example, may cause silicosis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), two serious lung diseases that can prove fatal to sufferers. The wearing of a protective mask is often insufficient when working in an environment where dust is produced regularly and in large volumes.

In addition to mask-wearing, employers should put in place suitable approaches to dust extraction.

Large Area Commercial Vacuum Cleaners and Heavy Duty Dust Extraction Solutions

There is a wide range of equipment available when it comes to the removal of large quantities of dust from bigger premises.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offers portable machinery of all sizes from top manufacturers including Delfin, Sibilia, and Durovac. Some models can remove both wet and dry debris.

You can select from heavy duty hydraulic positioning systems for quick emptying and removal, machines with large-scale drums and hoppers for waste storage and a range of capacities, power levels and pump or hose configurations to suit your unique setup.

Many products are suitable for constant use, keeping your premises safe and clean at all times.

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It’s important that you don’t delay when revising your business’s approach to dust and fume extraction. Not only do you have a moral duty towards your employees to keep them safe and healthy, but you also run the risk of being investigated and prosecuted by WHS authorities if you fail to adhere to guidelines.

An effective, thoroughly considered approach is vital when choosing heavy-duty vacuum machinery and its associated equipment.

Not only is dust extraction vital to prevent diseases caused by the inhalation of particles, but, left unchecked, excessive dust production can cause costly damage to machinery and result in extensive cleaning routines that distract from central processes and introduce the risk of a back injury.

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We have the toughest range of professional vacuum cleaners from industrial wet and dry vacuum to stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaners and so much more.

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