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Elevator Portable Vacuum | Australian Industrial Vacuum

Fill bulk bags fast with the Elevator™ portable vacuum loader

Combine fast and simple setup with an industrial class vacuum in a compact, take-anywhere frame.

The ELEVATOR™ industrial vacuum is designed to fill supersacs, Gaylord bins, and hoppers, while being easily moved by a forklift.

Lift up the filter housing and set the pins. It’s that easy.

Benefit from the best filtration system on the market. It can be used as a portable, or it can be connected to a piping system without modification and used as a central vacuum system. From carbon black and super fines, to wood fibres or pellets, we’ll configure a system that’s perfect for you. We guarantee a robust setup that will work for years and years with minimal fuss.

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The Elevator™ series Industrial Portable Vacuum sets up in minutes
The Elevator™ is easily portable by forklift
Easily portable by forklift

Compact and Versatile

  • The ELEVATOR™ has an astonishingly small footprint, so you can set up almost anywhere.
  • Its compact frame is easily portable by forklift truck. The largest is just 1400 Kg!
  • Need a “ready to go” central vac? You’ll save thousands in installation costs because everything is pre-wired, factory tested, and ready to work.
  • In most cases connection to compressed air for filter cleaning is not required to operate properly.

Easy to Use

  • Disconnect power from the mains, coil the cable and you’re ready to move the ELEVATOR™ by lift truck.
  • It’s fast and simple to setup and tear down. Just set the pins, slip a hopper or bag underneath, and you’re done.
  • The frames can be supplied with bolt down pads when used as a permanent central vac.

Filters That Actually Work

  • Handle just about any dry powder, pellet, or granule reliably.
  • Collect ultra-fine powders with the most trouble free filters in the industry.
The Elevator™ is easy to use and setup
Easy to use and setup
The Elevator™ is easily configured for use as a permanent central vacuum system
Easily configured for use as a permanent central vacuum system

Fully Configurable

  • Configure for continuous or batch discharge.
  • Safely handle explosive materials indoors or out with NFPA 68 and 654 compliant hardware.
  • Available in all world voltages in a dust tight and weather tight IP56 / NEMA 4 panel
  • Add an inline or HEPA filter.

A Positive Displacement Vacuum

  • A positive displacement pump pulls harder and delivers higher vacuum as the hose fills.
  • Industrial duty vacuum, 540 mbar (16″ Hg)
  • Constant velocity means you’ll move huge tonnage and easily support very long hoses.
  • A  PD vacuum pump means you’ll have a more reliable, “clog free” central vac.
  • Handles very dense, heavy material.

With hundreds of possible solutions, you’ll get a customised high performance vacuum system you can depend on.

Let us configure and price the best solution for your application right over the phone.

+61 3 8597 3376

Elevator™ Models & Specifications

Hose Size (inch)1 x 2.5
3 x 1.5
1 x 3.0
2 x 2.0
1 x 3.5
3 x 2.0
1 x 4.0
2 x 2.5
Performance (TPH)3.544.56
Power (Hp)20253040
Airflow (icfm)400525650850
Vacuum (“Hg)16161616
Standard Filter Area (m2)
Pulse Filter Area (m2)
HEPA FilterOptional
Hopper Size (L) **208208208208
Noise Level (dBa)82858785
Empty Mass (Kg)1070115612971397

** Need more storage? Configure the Elevator™ with an air lock.


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