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Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum |Australian Industrial Vacuum

Portable Vacuums designed for extreme heavy-duty applications

Australian Industrial Vacuum offers a range of portable vacuums robustly designed for high performance, long working life and lowest possible maintenance costs in challenging environments.

Therefore, if you’re continually shovelling piles of heavy gravel or pellets,
need to take control of  combustible grains or powders,
or fine dust is constantly giving you grief…
Our Industrial Portable Vacuum is the solution for you.

Benefit from the best filtration system on the market. Our range of Durovac™ Portable Industrial Vacuums will easily take care of the most difficult materials:

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The DuroVac DVR Series Portable Industrial Vacuum

DVR Series

  • 5.5 – 15 Kw Power options
  • Regenerative vacuum producer
  • Super-quiet continuous operation
  • 5.7m2 of primary filter media
  • Controls tough powders like oxides
DVP Series Industrial Portable Vacuum

DVP Series

  • 11 – 23 Kw Power options
  • Lobe type vacuum pump
  • 99.9% Efficiency filters
  • Handles long hoses and heavy powders
  • Collect material in drum / sealed hopper
Powerlift Industrial Portable Vacuum

Powerlift® Series

  • Up to 100Kw of power for serious work
  • Compact and versatile – set up almost anywhere
  • Fully Configurable
  • Collect wet and dry material
  • Huge integrated storage hopper
Portable Industrial Vacuum - Elevator™ Series

Elevator™ Series

  • Designed to fill bulk bags
  • Easily portable by forklift truck
  • Easy to setup and tear down
  • Can be used as a “ready to go” central vacuum
  • Configure for continuous or batch discharge

An Industrial Portable Vacuum will help keep spills under control.

105 Kw Power Lift industrial portable vacuum with 2 cubic metre hopper

105 Kw Power Lift industrial vacuum with 2 cubic metre hopper at a port load-out facility connects to a 200m long piping system.

Huge industrial spill is easily cleaned up using a 56 kW portable vacuum with a 150 mm hose

A 56 kW machine with a 150 mm hose will clean up this mess in under an hour at a fraction of the cost of a truck.

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