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Why Use Dust Control Systems in Australia?

Dust control systems prevent dust particles from spreading and contaminating the wider workspace. This type of dust management might be useful for contractors working in someone’s home, or even in a factory setting where multiple production processes take place at the same time.

Dust might seem messy but harmless. It can, however, pose a significant risk to health, property, machinery, and open water supplies. To stay compliant with Australian regulations on the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), amongst other significant rulings, it’s important that you install or utilise dust control systems wherever necessary. Read More

Wherever dust is created, your business is responsible for the efficient dust management and mitigation of risk. Using an air cleaner is the most cost-effective and efficient way to purify air, ensuring a healthy environment for all.

Benefits Of Effective Dust Control in Australia

Whether working in someone’s home temporarily or working on a large-scale outdoor construction project, the production of dust is often inevitable. A good clean-up routine is an integral part of the workday, to ensure both people and the environment are not exposed to dangerous levels of air contaminants. A continuous dust control system that works alongside your team keeps the time needed for clean-up to a minimum, allowing more staff hours to be spent doing the jobs that they’re best at.

Using dust control systems in Australia significantly reduces the number of respiratory illnesses and long-term health concerns that ultimately lower overall productivity and morale. In extreme cases, once the levels of contamination in the air reach critical levels, it can cause lung problems and, depending on the dust material, lead to terminal illness.

Dust is small, but high volumes of this fine matter can lead to a greater risk of fire. Depending on the material used, and the quantity involved, a single spark can ignite the dry particulates causing endangerment to life and property. This is why we also offer combustible dust vacuums.

Whether indoors or outdoors, a high concentration of dust is dangerous. It can also be expensive should things go wrong. That’s why investing in high-quality dust control in Australia is far better for your business and reputation as a conscientious company.

Choosing Your Dust Control Systems With AIV

Staying compliant with health and safety regulations is incredibly important for businesses in all industries. And while there are many dust management tools available, it can be difficult to find the perfect solution for your needs. With Australian Industrial Vacuums (AIV), you get access to extensive product and industry knowledge, that allows us to help you as efficiently and as reliably as possible. Our team is available to offer guidance and advice, should you need it. If you already know the specs you’re looking for, we can help you narrow down your options, saving you time.

All products sold by AIV are globally recognised brands, offering durability and effective results for your budget. Alongside our portable dust management systems, we also offer a range of accessories that allow you to create the clean-up package you need without spending extra on unnecessary parts.

For indoor or outdoor settings with a continuous stream of dust creation, why not take a look at our dust extraction vacuums? We are happy to offer advice on the right type of machine that will suit your needs, whether portable or integrated. We even offer services in designing the layout of a complete extraction installation that fits perfectly with your needs and your space.

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