Reduce your vacuum filter’s work load with a Stand Alone Pre-Separator

Highly recommended with the handling of course or large amounts of dust.

Photo of the Dashclean Pre-Separator G0 Series

Built according to a cyclone principle, a pre-separator can effectively separate more than 90% of dust thus allowing very little fine dust into a vacuum for filtering.

  • It works with great reliability and virtually zero-cost maintenance.
  • With our full library of connectors and adaptors, the stand-alone pre-separator can easily be connected to any vacuum.
  • When working in conjunction with a vacuum, it greatly reduces the work load for the vacuum filter and improves its efficiency.
  • Featuring a ‘height adjustment’ mechanism, the machine can be easily adjusted to a 1.2 meter height during transportation.
  • The G0 pre-separator uses continuous tie off bags.

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Dashclean Pre-Separator Feature Diagrams

Dashclean G0 Series Pre-Separator feature diagram

Dashclean Pre-Separator Specifications

 Inlet (mm) 75
Operating dimensions (L x W x H) 70 x 75 x 160 cm
Transporting dimensions (L x W x H) 70 x 75 x 125 cm
Weight (kg) 60


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