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F2 Series Vacuum | Australian Industrial Vacuum

A Three phase Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

The Dashclean F2 Series is suitable for capturing wastes that are continuously generated by various processing equipment.

Photo of the Dashclean F2 Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The Dashclean F2 Series Industrial Vacuum is widely used in packaging, pharmaceutical, precision machining and other industries.

It is capable of continuous 24 hour uninterrupted work.

Featuring overload and short circuit protection, this 415V three phase vacuum is available in 2.2kw & 3.0kw capacity and has an integrated power-supply module with Schneider units.

The F2 series comes standard as a stationary unit with complete stainless steel structure and a detachable 50L dust-collection tank.

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F2 Series Main Features

  • Steel structure built with world-class quality 3-phase turbine motor, ideal for heavy-duty 24 hour non-stop operations
  • Integrated power-supply module with Schneider units, featuring overload and short circuit protection
  • “Relief valve” trigger to release vacuum in case of blocked filter
  •  Body entirely made with stainless steel
  •  Detachable dust-collection tank
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Dashclean F2 Series – Models & Specifications

F232 F233
 Voltage 415V / 50Hz 415V / 50Hz
Power 2.2 kW 3.0 kW
Vacuum 190 mbar 260 mbar
Max. Airflow 318 m3/hr 318 m3/hr
Noise Level 69 dBa 69 dBa
Inlet Module 40 mm 40 mm
Filter Surface 1.8 m2 1.8 m2
Tank Volume 50 L 50 L
Filter Capacity Coated PTFE, 0.3um, D.O.P > 99.99% Coated PTFE, 0.3um, D.O.P > 99.99%
Filter Type HEPA, PTFE coated “TORAY” polyester HEPA, PTFE coated “TORAY” polyester
Dimensions (mm) 415 x 770 x 720 415 x 770 x 720
Weight 50 Kg 60 Kg


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