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Dashclean Continuous Bagging Vacuum - 2 Stage Filtering System - G72

7.6 kW Continuous Bagging Vacuum – 2 Stage Filtering System

G72 is a three-phase, HEPA continuous bagging industrial vacuum. It is designed to support medium to large grinding & polishing machines.
G72 features a 2-stage filtration system.

Thanks to its superior filtration capability, the primary sock style pre-filter provides a long, uninterrupted service and can be cleaned efficiently with its jet-pulse “reverse air” filter cleaning system.

The two HEPA filters are individually tested and certified, G72 separates 0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.99%, securing a high standard of quality and safety. G72 complies with OSHA regulations for concrete dust handling.

G72 Series Main Features

  • Three-Phase 7.6kw HEPA Continuous Bagging Industrial Vacuum
  • 2 Stage Filtering System
  • Equipped with a sock filter for pre-filtration & 2 HEPA filters
  • “Reverse-air” jet-pulse filter cleaning system
  • Drop-down bagging system, compatible with regular bags or Longopac style bag
  • Compact & Portable
  • Can be connected to a hand-operated power tool
  • Comes with a complete floor cleaning tool kit
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G72 Specifications

Power (kw)7.6
Amps (A)16.7
Air Flow (m3/h)700
Vacuum (mbar)270
Pre-Filter (F8)2.3 m2 > 99.5% @ 1.0um
HEPA Filter (H13)5.3 m2 > 99.99% @ 0.3um
Dimensions (cm)109 x 72 x 170H
Weight (kg)162

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