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Dashclean Continuous Bagging Vacuum - 2 Stage Filtering System - G0

Effectively separate more than 95% of dust

When a coarse or voluminous dust is needed to be handled, your continuous bagging industrial vacuum may need to be supplemented with a pre-separator. A pre-separator introduces an additional separation to capture more than 95% of dust before it can reach the vacuum. Pre-separators can significantly improve filter performance and reduces the frequency of filter maintenance.  It also contributes to a higher airflow and extends the life time of filters & motor.

Thanks to its robust design, the pre-separator operates with a great reliability and virtually zero-cost maintenances. G01 is equipped with a drop-down continuous fold bag system for an effective dust collecting and bagging. G03 is a dust bin / plastic bag version of pre-separator.

With its built-in vacuum equalizer, it can be used with plastic bags. With the supplied hose and fittings, G01/G03 can be easily connected with a continuous bagging industrial vacuum.

G0 Series Main Features

  • Can effectively separate more than 95% of dust
  • Leaves very little fine dust into a vacuum for filtering
  • Works in conjunction with a vacuum system
  • Zero cost maintenance
  • Can be connected to any vacuum
  • G01 is equipped with a drop down continuous fold bag system
  • G03 is a dust bin/plastic bag version
  • Can be connected to a hand-operated power tool
  • 1.5m x D50 hose included
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G0 Specifications

Dust tank (Litre)5040
Suction inlet diameter (mm)D75mm inlet with 50mm adaptorD75mm inlet with 50mm adaptor
Dimensions (cm)54 x 56 x 135H42 x 42 x 81.5H
Weight (kg)3522

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