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Dashclean Continuous Bagging Vacuum - 1 Stage Filtering System - G21

2.4 kW Continuous Bagging Vacuum – 1 Stage Filtering System

G21 is a single phase, two motor continuous bagging industrial vacuum. With its compact design where the
motors are vertically installed on top, G21 offers great portability and maneuverability. The motor house is a
complete steel construction featuring superior sturdiness and heat diffusivity. G21 is designed to support a
small/mid size concrete grinder and polishing machine.

With its unique “reverse-air” cleaning system, G21 cleans the filter in an easy and effective way.
With this system, you don’t have to take the hose off the inlet and then block the inlet in order to conduct a
filter cleaning process, which usually creates another dust hazard. You simply close the inlet by lifting the
open/close handle before operating filter cleaning.

G21 Series Main Features

  • Single-Phase 2.4kw HEPA Continuous Bagging Industrial Vacuum
  • 1 Stage Filtering System
  • Drop-down bagging system, compatible with regular bags or Longopac style bag
  • Equipped with 2 motors
  • Unique “Reverse-air” filter cleaning system
  • Compact & Portable
  • Can be connected to a hand-operated power tool
  • Comes with a complete floor cleaning tool kit
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G21 Specifications

Power (kw)2.4
Amps (A)8
Air Flow (m3/h)400
Vacuum (mbar)220
Filter2.7 m2 > 99.97% @ 0.3um
Dimensions (cm)59 x 60 x 140H
Weight (kg)42

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