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Dashclean Industrial Vacuum and Continuous Bagging Vacuum | Australian Industrial Vacuum

Dashclean Continuous Bagging Industrial Vacuums

Concrete grinders and cutting machines can produce huge volumes of troublesome dust.

That’s why at Australian Industrial Vacuum we offer an outstanding range of Continuous Bagging Industrial Vacuums capable of handling and controlling huge amounts of grinding residue. Our machines use a unique “reverse-air cleaning” system which is highly efficient in cleaning filters and preventing dust from clogging the filter. No need to open the machine to clean filters every day.

Photo of Dashclean G0 Series Pre-separator

G0 Series

  • Standalone cyclonic pre-separator
  • Separates >90% dust
  • Easily connects to any vacuum
  • Improves efficiency of vacuum filter
Photo of Dashclean G2 Series Dust Extractor

G2 Series

  • Supports light/mid size concrete grinder
  • 2 x 240V single-phase motors
  • Independent ON/OFF switches
  • 2kW capacity
Photo of Dashclean G3 Series Dust Extractor

G3 Series

  • Supports mid-size concrete grinder
  • 3 x 240V Single-phase motors
  • Independent ON/OFF switches
  • 3kW capacity
Photo of Dashclean G4 Series Dust Extractor

G4 Series

  • High suction power for all size concrete grinders
  • 415V three-phase turbine motor
  • 4kW to 7.5kW options
  • Reliable 24hr non-stop operation
Photo of Dashclean G5 Series Dust Extractor

G5 Series

  • Supports medium and heavy sized concrete grinders
  • Integrated cyclone separator
  • 3 x single-phase motors (total 3kW)
  • Independent ON/OFF switches
Photo of Dashclean G6 Series Dust Extractor

G6 Series

  • High suction power for all size concrete grinders
  • 380V three-phase turbine motor
  • 4kW to 7.5kW options
  • Auto jet-pulse filter cleaning

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