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A Comprehensive Range of Industrial Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to construction, it goes without saying that the exterior is just as important as the interior. Ensure that you work in a clean, tidy, safe space with an industrial outdoor vacuum. No one needs extra dust, dirt, grit and liquid lying around when working, spreading around when walking and sticking to freshly built walls or other areas. Not to mention toxic dust that can be found on construction sites, jeopardising employee health and wellbeing. With Australian Industrial Vacuums (AIV), this will never be a problem. Read More

Keeping your workspace clean, tidy and safe has never been easier. With our comprehensive range of industrial outdoor vacuum cleaners, you can stay on top of your site’s cleanliness at all times. Let’s face it, when working in construction, you want to spend as much time as possible doing just that. So an efficient industrial vacuum cleaner that can tackle any task with ease is a priority.High in both quality and performance, our range of outdoor vacuum cleaners in Australiais guaranteed to help you get the job done to a good standard. Whether you are looking to tidy your area when you are ready to clock off for the night or looking to perform a deeper clean once a section of the construction project has been completed, we have you covered. With a comprehensive range of construction vacuum cleaners, you are sure to find something to suit your needs in our range. And with our additional accessories such as hepa vacuum filter replacements, you can customise your vacuum to make cleaning as quick, easy and efficient as possible. Rest assured that our friendly team will recommend the best accessories for your requirements.

Ensure That You Purchase the Best Outdoor Vacuum Cleaner in Australia

Your needs are a priority to us here at AIV and we work alongside you to create personalised solutions that cater to your exact needs. Whether your construction project is small or large, you can rest assured that we’ll recommend an outdoor vacuum cleaner that won’t let you down. With our services, you’ll benefit from lifetime support, genuine advice and quick responses. We are passionate about the industry and care about delivering the best vacuum solutions possible for our customers.

You are experts in your field, and we are experts in ours. So we encourage you to utilise our services as much as you need. In the construction industry, everything is meticulously planned from the location of the project to the size of the build. So why take risks in the clean-up process? Don’t set yourself up for stress, difficulty and additional costs in the long run. Simply speak to our experts and we’ll ensure that you are choosing the best construction vacuum for the job. We also have insulation removal vacuums and industrial dust extractors so feel free to shop our range for your specialised needs!

With AIV, you are able to clean your workspace to a high standard. When you shop our range, you are prioritising hygiene, cleanliness and safety which are a must in the construction industry. No matter how small or large your premises are, we have the industrial outdoor vacuum cleaner for you. And when you know that you have a high-quality, reliable outdoor vacuum, you can spend your time focused on the day-to-day operations of your project. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Working in the construction industry can create a lot of waste and therefore, you need a construction vacuum that is up to the task of cleaning up the waste efficiently, whatever the material might be.
At Australian Industrial Vacuum, we specialise in making light work of huge jobs every time. This, coupled with our years of industry experience, means that you can be sure that you are buying from a company that you can rely on.

The Benefits of Choosing a Construction Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many different options for industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, so how do you know which one to choose for your industry that will meet your requirements? At AIV, we are always here to support and guide you through the process, and you can rely on us for our expert and honest advice.

A construction site vacuum cleaner is often the ideal cleaner for construction sites because it can deal with coarser materials and can also clean up liquids.

We Make it Easy to Clean Up with an Outdoor Vacuum

When it’s time to clean the gutters on your property, you’ll find it easy to clear them fast with one of our outdoor vacuum cleaners. Designed to remove debris from your gutters, our outdoor vacuums are petrol-powered, can be mounted on a trailer, ute or truck, and provide superb suction for up to 120 metres of hose.

Whether you need to collect the debris from your gutters or clear away unwanted water, investing in a high-quality outdoor vacuum from Australian Industrial Vacuums means you can be confident it will do the job perfectly every time. They’re also ideal for water recovery and for non-destructive digging, which makes them a versatile piece of equipment for a wide variety of situations. We have a range of machines and systems to cover all situations, contact us to discuss what is the best product for you or fill in the online form through our website.

Construction Vacuum Cleaners: Perfect for the Biggest Cleaning Job

As construction uses various tools that produce dust, a vacuum for construction dust is a must. They can clean up general dust, sawdust and grit, along with many others. Here at AIV, we can help you to make sure that the cleaner you use is suitable for the dust category for which it is certified. This could be low, middle or high. By ensuring you have the right one, you can protect the health of your workers and ensure that your workplace is compliant with health and safety standards.

A construction vacuum cleaner also comes with properly functioning filtration, and these ensure that your cleaner continuously provides you with enough suction power, and they are designed for long-term use.

Australian Industrial Vacuum: The Experts for Construction Vacuum Cleaners

No matter what equipment you purchase from AIV, you can look forward to lifetime support from us. We are here for you and should anything go wrong we can help to put it right. Spare parts are kept in stock.

Along with this, you can be reassured knowing that your Delfin construction vacuum cleaner comes with a two-year factory warranty. Our warranty includes both parts and labour for added peace of mind. Should you have any issues once you have received your industrial vacuum cleaner, we will be here for you, and we will work hard to get it sorted until you are satisfied.

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