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Midwest Concrete, Australia

Midwest Concrete controls risks involved with exposure to silica



Problematic Material

Exposure to Silica Dust




Midwest Concrete (MWC) initially began making precast sumps (used for drainage) for the NSW Forestry Commission. MWC expanded into headwalls after a short time and then developed their product line further to incorporate septic tanks, water tanks, and precast water troughs for stocks. MWC currently employs 19 staff and produces approximately 120 water troughs weekly, as well as other products using 75m3 of concrete. This produces 165 tonne of finished product which equals over 8000 tonnes per annum.

The Challenge

For MWC, the production of pre-cast concrete products resulted in an accumulation of dust containing silica.
The organisation wanted to manage and contain the risks of this toxic dust by providing a centralised vacuum system with a single collection point.



Silica dust is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, which means you can be breathing in this toxic dust without even knowing





The Solution

Given the long convey distance and bulk density of the product, the solution was a 22kW system equipped with H14 HEPA filter, semi automatic filter cleaning and large collection capacity.
This system would be used by multiple operators simultaneously, and located at various areas around the plant.





With a H14 HEPA filter, this machine is capable of removing 99.995% of dust

particles measuring 0.3 μm in diameter or above and tested in line with EN1822

making it effective when dealing with toxic dusts

Long-term Benefits

  • Increased operator health and safety
  • Compliance with all Australian Standards regarding collection of toxic dusts
  • Ability for multiple operators to clean simultaneously, reducing maintenance time and increasing productivity



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