Why Three Phase Could be the Ultimate Solution for you

Aug 11, 2022 | Workplace Safety

When choosing an industrial vacuum, the optimal power option for your business plays a significant role in determining the type of industrial vacuum that will be best suited to your needs. With multiple options available like single phase, three phase, petrol/diesel powered, air powered, and battery operated its important to choose the best for your needs. Today we consider why three phase could be the best fit for your business.

Why Power Choice is Important?

Its important to choose a power source that is available and easily accessible at your facility. That is, the power source must be able to be used in every area where the vacuum is required, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Further, you must choose a power source that suits your facility, whilst considering the product you need vacuumed. If you run a vacuum that is too powerful for your facility, you risk overloading the electrical system. Although if you run a vacuum too weak, you risk not being able to actually pick up the product you’re attempting to collect.

Advantages of a Three Phase Industrial Vacuum

Suitable for heavy duty applications

Choosing three phase means more power, making these vacuums suitable for heavy duty applications. Equipped with powerful and long-lasting side channel blowers, three-phase vacuum cleaners offer excellent vacuum rates and lower airflow, meaning if your debris is heavier compared to standard dust, it will be able to be sucked effectively. Furthermore, three phase vacuums are the best solution to be integrated in production lines or for small ducted networks. This adds to their functionality as when used on a small ducted network, power source isn’t necessary at every area you need to clean. The vacuum can stay in one place, and suction intakes on the ducted line mean vacuuming can take place where you want, this, also improving productivity and operator acceptance.

Allows for 24/7 continuous operation

Three phase vacuums are powered through a side channel blower, allowing for 24/7 continuous operation. This means your industrial vacuum can run and be used all day long, improving productivity and reducing downtime. Furthermore, the blower is completely maintenance free, adding to the decrease in downtime and also a decrease in maintenance costs associated.

IECEx offering

If you’re dealing with combustible dust, an IECEx certified industrial vacuum is the ultimate choice for you. IECEx certification is globally recognised guaranteeing safety and compliance when handling combustible dust. Our current IECEx certified vacuums are three phase and therefore the necessary choice in order to improve safety and ensure compliance with Australian standards.

Automatic filter cleaning options

Choosing a three phase vacuum means ample customisation options and upgrades. One of the stand out upgrades is the AUT automatic filter cleaning which is available for three phase vacuums. AUT filter cleaning works thanks to an electro-pneumatic cylinder, powered by the compressor installed on the board. This shakes the polyester filter at regular and adjustable intervals, facilitating the detachment of dust and materials.

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